KU has just made a remarkable breakthrough in hydrogen production and refueling tech!

Hydrogen refueling by KU
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Kathmandu University’s (KU) laboratory has achieved a significant milestone by successfully producing hydrogen from water and utilizing it as a vehicle fuel. Collaborating with the Nepal Oil Corporation, Kathmandu University established the hydrogen laboratory, and imported hydrogen vehicles, and refueling equipment from South Korea. Their efforts bore fruit and they have been able to make significant strides in Hydrogen refueling tech in Nepal.

Hydrogen Refueling by KU 

Pioneering Efforts in Hydrogen Technology

Dr. Biraj Singh Thapa, the head of the laboratory, stated, “This marks a historic moment for Nepal. It is the first time that hydrogen production and vehicle refueling have been accomplished in the country. Today is a landmark day for hydrogen in Nepal.” He compared the accomplishment to scaling Mount Everest, emphasizing the extraordinary effort invested in achieving this feat.
Hydrogen refuelling by KU

Nepal’s Entry into the Hydrogen Age

According to TechPana, Dr. Thapa also highlighted the significance of this achievement, asserting that Nepal has officially entered the hydrogen age.

 “The university itself has successfully conducted the work of producing hydrogen, storing it, and refilling it in vehicles. The hydrogen is prepared by processing Nepal’s hydropower and water”. – Dr. Biraj Singh Thapa

Formal Inauguration and Future Plans

Dr. Thapa announced that the refill station will be formally inaugurated through a program. He also indicated a shift towards emphasizing the commercial utilization of hydrogen. Furthermore, he mentioned the government’s involvement in policy-making endeavors to support the development of hydrogen technology.

Challenges Amid Progress

Despite the progress made, challenges persist, including the absence of necessary laws for issuing vehicle number plates for hydrogen vehicles. Dr. Thapa emphasized that Nepal’s abundant domestic resources of water and electricity position the country as a potential leader in hydrogen technology.

Hydrogen Refueling by KU: Conclusion

As Nepal continues to advance in the field of hydrogen production and utilization, there is a pressing need for the enactment of hydrogen-specific laws and regulations. This step will formally recognize hydrogen as a viable fuel source in Nepal’s energy landscape.

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