Infinix GT Verse — Infinix’s ecosystem of its own!

Infinix GT Verse
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At this point, all the large tech companies have some version of an ecosystem of their devices. While Apple is the pioneer in this aspect, all the other heavy hitters like Samsung, Huawei, and Xiaomi have their own thing going on. Now, Infinix is also jumping in on the bandwagon and launching an ecosystem of its own dubbed the “GT Verse”.

Infinix GT Verse Overview

A little context…

Infinix is a Chinese smartphone manufacturer owned by Transsion Holdings. As such, it is a sister company with the likes of Tecno and Itel. In the meantime, Infinix produces more than just smartphones though. It has a decorated catalogue that includes simple things like power banks and earbuds as well as larger devices like laptops and TVs.

Infinix Logo and Slogan

While the company has a wide array of products, its primary focus lies on smartphones. It offers five multiple lineups of smartphones, namely: Zero series, GT series, Note series, Hot series, and Smart series. Herein, the GT series comprises performance-heavy phones and is all about the gamer personality. Infinix updated their lineup with the GT 20 Pro just a few days earlier.

Now, Transsion Holdings’ subsidiary is looking to expand its GT lineup further with different types of devices.

What’s cooking? Infinix GT Verse!

Infinix recently spilt some tea on its plans for the GT line of products. The company revealed a poster image on their social media that showcased a bunch of products. This included the already released GT 20 Pro along with a laptop, earbuds, and an “Arc Reactor” like accessory which appears to be a cooling fan for smartphones.

Infinix GT devices

Along with the poster, the company also announced that they are creating an ecosystem of GT products. Infinix announced their ecosystem would be called the “GT Verse”. The company also says that users will “Experience seamless connectivity and unparalleled performance across all GT devices delivering the ultimate AIoT experience.”

On a side note, the cover photo on Infinix’s handle also includes smartwatches that were not there on the poster.

Infinix GTBOOK

Just after a day after revealing the GT Verse, Infinix announced a new laptop under the GT name. This thing will be called the “GTBOOK” and will be stacked with raw hardware.

The Infinix GTBOOK continues on the Mecha Design we saw on GT 20 Pro. This laptop does not shy away from RGB lighting and features it on the keyboard and a strip at the back — right on top of the air vents. Meanwhile, on the front, it has a large 16-inch display with a smooth 120Hz refresh rate.

Infinix GTBOOK

Inside it packs a powerful CPU and GPU combo of Intel i9-13900H and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060. Additionally, the GTBOOK comes with the ICE Storm 3.0 cooling system equipped with two fans to keep the temperature in check. Lastly, it is loaded with a 70Wh battery and supports a whopping 190W of charging speed.

Infinix GT Verse Conclusion

Given that, Infinix teased the GTBOOK right after announcing their ecosystem, it appears that the laptop will be the first to launch. Given that, GTBOOK will be the second member of the Infinix GT Verse.

So, when exactly are we getting the full GT Verse experience from Infinix? Well… the company chooses not to put a date on the full release. But, given that they already dropped the poster and teasers, we can tell that the devices are ready and are waiting for an announcement. Therefore, we can expect the Infinix GT Verse to be fully available in a matter of months.

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