Internet of Things and AI : What, How and When

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Internet of Things (IoT) is something so deep and complex and it will take more than a post to fully understand it. I would like to share what I know about it in simple words possible. IoT is a revolutionary change in the electronics industry. Things will be simpler and complex at the same time with its wide application in near future.

Starting with what exactly is IoT, it is a concept of connecting any and every device to the internet. Then we can easily operate them right from our phones or computer. Let’s say, when your home appliance has IoT you can turn them on or off from literally anywhere provided that both you and your appliance have the internet connection. You can check their status and access their data as well. IoT when combined with AI, we are going to be in the future that we’ve been thinking about since long.

When devices will have IoT, they can communicate with other devices as well just like any two people with internet would do. With the installation of devices with IoT, any home would be a smart home. All the devices can be automated, monitored and controlled right from a phone. You could make your coffee maker brew coffee for you right from your bed after you wake up.

Different industries are working on AI and IoT and once they make it happen to the commercial level, life is gonna be much simpler by then. The fridge will itself add milk to your grocery list on your phone when you’ll run out of it. The car will look at your schedule on the phone and take you to your first destination through shortest route. For Instance, if your printer at work has IoT and AI and it happens to run low on ink. Then, it will by itself order a toner refill kits. Everything, literally everything will get smarter and productive.

If you remember it correctly, I told you things will just not get simpler but will get more complex as well after IoT will be widely accepted. There will be billions of devices connected to the internet. They’ll add huge data to the servers every second. Plus, the bandwidth of Internet, one needs to have at home or work will exceed exponentially. Not only that, the digital threat will increase for sure. Can you imagine someone might be able to hack into your system through the bread toaster in your kitchen.

Big names in Tech Industry including Microsoft, Google, Amazon and others are doing everything they can to make IoT and AI available to everyone. Recently, Google introduced its new OS for IoT, namely Android Things. Actually, Google didn’t build something new but it’s a rebranding of its older version of OS for IoT named “Brillo”. There are already many other OS for IoT. This one by Google can be expected to be a good hit if the electronics manufacturers worldwide start working with it. Well, we can be hopeful for IoT to turn into reality in days to come. But still, how sooner or later it will take for us to enjoy IoT and AI, is something we can’t say at the moment. How excited or laid-back are you regarding the IoT? What device in your home/work you want to have IoT and why? Share with us in the comments.