iPhone 17 and 17 Plus will finally get a 120Hz display!

iPhone 17 Series Rumors
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iPhone introduced ProMotion displays on iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max back in 2021. However, it has only been reserved for iPhone Pro and Pro Max users so far. It appears that it will not be the case anymore! But! From the iPhone 17 series. Let’s learn more about the iPhone of the future in this article.

iPhone 17 Series Rumours Round-up


The base, and Plus variants of the iPhone have been featuring an LTPS panel that caps out at just a 60Hz refresh rate. On the other hand, Apple iPhone Pro models come with a “ProMotion” display. Which is Apple’s fancy way of saying it is an LTPO display with refresh rates of 1–120Hz. The same appears to be true for the upcoming iPhone 16 series as well.

ProMotion Display

However, sources claim that the iPhone 17 and 17 Plus will finally get LTPO panels. Moreover, as per them, BOE is eyeing to supply their LTPO panels to Apple. We saw a screen from this very company on the latest OnePlus flagship. Moreover, the Chinese display company apparently sent samples to the iPhone makers last year and is awaiting their green light.

Anyhoo, even if Apple approves the panel it is still unknown if BOE can meet the demands of the multi-trillion dollar company. After all, Apple is the same company that singlehandedly created a shortage of TSMC’s 3nm chipset. Hence, BOE may very well be incapable of sufficiently supplying Apple with its panel. If that is the case then Apple may stick with Samsung or opt with LG for the LTPO displays on the iPhone 17 series.


The word is that the iPhone 16 series is getting taller with 6.69 inches and 6.86 inches display size and 19.6:9 aspect ratio. If that comes to fruition, we can expect the size and the aspect ratio to trickle down to the iPhone 17 series as well.

iPhone 17 Camera

Other than that, there are also talks of camera bump design being updated to something similar to a fidget spinner or a triangular cutout. Furthermore, we are also hearing that Apple will be burying Face ID technology under the panel itself. As a result, the iPhone 17s might finally be the iPhone to have a hole-punch camera cutout on the front.

Titanium and Boxy

The iPhone 15 Pro Max started a domino effect on the flagship space by reverting to a flat design and featuring Titanium as the material of choice. This compelled Samsung to do the same on their Galaxy S24 Ultra as well. We can surely see more and more flagship phones going boxy with a Titanium back plate in years to come.

iPhone Titanium

Judging by how popular this decision turned out to be, Apple will likely stick with the edged design and the metal for many years now. Thus, the iPhone 17 series should come with a flat frame made out of Titanium.


If we go by the company’s trend so far, the iPhone 17 and 17 Plus should come with the A18 chipset. A pro variant of the chipset is said to be in the works with boosted NPU for the upcoming top-of-the-line iPhone 16. In the meantime, the iPhone 17 Pro Max should introduce the A19 Pro chipset. Additionally, rumours suggest that the chipset will with WiFi 7 support.


iPhones have been a staple camera phone since the dawn of time. And why would it not be? Apple has been very consistent with its cameras. It doubled the camera resolution to 48MP while also introducing Photonic Engine on the iPhone 14 Pro Max. At the time of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, they increased the default image size to 24MP.

We are yet to see what comes in the iPhone 16, but the word is that we will be getting a 48MP unit for ultrawide cameras. Similarly, by the time of iPhone 17, sources are speculating that the 48MP number will be carried over to the telephoto lens as well. In addition to that, sources are hoping Apple will finally bump up the selfie camera resolution to 24MP in the iPhone 17 series.

iPhone 17 Series Launch and Availability

Well, it is an open secret that Apple launches its phone in September every year. So, the iPhone 17 series should launch in September 2025. Until and unless we are hit by some unforeseen happenstance on a global scale this is unlikely to change.

We still do not have a word on how much the iPhone 16 Pro Max will cost. So, getting a lead on the price of the iPhone 17 series is obviously out of the question. But, if I were to put an estimate nonetheless, I would expect a maxed-out iPhone 17 Pro Max to go up to USD 1,799.

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