Here’s how you can replace your iPhone for the price of the battery in Nepal

Genxt Offers iPhone replacement for cost of battery in Nepal
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No battery is made to last forever. No matter how careful you are with your device, the battery will degrade over time losing its ability to store power. Ultimately, you will have to replace it if you want to keep using the phone. But there’s a piece of good news for iPhone users in Nepal. Genxt, the official distributor for Apple products in Nepal, is offering iPhone replacement in case of battery damage for the price of just the battery.

Replace iPhone for the price of battery

Generation Next Communication, otherwise known as Genxt, is the only authorized distributor for Apple products in Nepal. As the sole distributor, it also looks after the after-sales services like repairs and parts replacement. We were quite unsure about how one could get a new iPhone for the price of a battery and contacted them for further details. Turns out, it’s actually true. If you show up to an authorized service provider for Apple in Nepal with an iPhone with a degraded battery, you can get a new iPhone of the exact same model.

Almost all the mainstream consumer electronics these days come with a year of warranty. Some may even offer additional years for parts replacement. Apple, on the other hand, promises services and parts long after the product is no longer in distribution. However, the support varies according to the region. In Nepal, Genxt will replace your iPhone in the name of battery replacement if it is an iPhone 6 or newer.


Battery Health Settings for iOS

So, to take advantage of this battery replacement offer, the battery health of your iPhone needs to be under 80% per cycle over 1000 complete charge cycles. You can check the battery health of your iPhone under Settings> Battery > Battery health. You are eligible for the replacement offer if your iPhones prompts you to “Service Battery Now”.  If your battery health is 80% or over, then it is considered normal you won’t require battery replacement. However, for special conditions, Genxt will also consider iPhones with up to 85% battery health.

Also, the phone should not have been opened outside of authorized service centers. Similarly, it should not have major cracks at the screen and the camera either. Minor scratches and buffs can be considered. Also, the phone needn’t necessarily be bought from Genxt.

Price and Service Appointment

Let’s talk about pricing. If you want to have your iPhone replaced because of the battery issue, you will have to pay the price of battery replacement which varies according to the iPhone model. Generally, you will have to pay more for the more recent model. For instance, the cost is Rs. 26,500 for iPhone 11 Pro/Pro Max while it’s just Rs. 13,500 for the older iPhone 6 series.

iPhone Model Battery Replacement Price
6/6s/6+/6s+ Rs. 13,500
7/7+/8+8+ Rs. 15,500
X/Xs/Xs Max Rs. 25,000
XR/11 Rs. 25,000
11 Pro/ Pro Max Rs. 26,500

If you want to make use of the offer, you need to book your service appointment. You can do that by heading into the Genxt official website.

How is it possible?

But how is Genxt replacing the whole iPhone for the price of battery replacement? As it turns out, the company is unable to ship only batteries to Nepal because of shipping constraints. And it is replacing the whole unit as a workaround method. However, we have not been told how long the phone will be out because of the shipments involved. But again, if you are getting a new phone for a degraded battery that should be worth the wait.

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