iPhone XI Leaks and Stuff: Rumors Away!

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Apple is a company that interests even those who don’t really like Apple products. And rumors surrounding Apple are also the most interesting ones! Rumors for the iPhone XI started quite some time ago, but now the rumor mill is kicking into high gear! There are a lot of interesting insights. And while we can’t say for sure if all of them will be true, Apple products rumors have good credibility, generally speaking. So, here are the latest iPhone XI leaks and rumors.

New features

The new iPhones will ship with iOS 13, that’s for sure. After all, they announced that back in the WWDC 2019, and it might have been for this very purpose, primarily. Of course, we’re calling them iPhone 11s for now, because we don’t have official names for them, yet. But the iPhone 11’s will most likely have the same product lineup as the iPhone XS series – an XS, an XS Max, and an XR. Hence, the name confusion thing.

iphone xi logic board leaks
Source: Slash Leaks

The new iPhone leaks actually go all the way up to their logic boards, actually. A couple of trusted leaksters have leaked the images and blueprints of the new logic boards. So, it looks like Apple is switching their internals as well, to make some changes. And since leaks from multiple sources gave the same result, we can have an extra amount of confidence in these leaks. Of course, Apple is very serious about its security measures and leaks, and they claim to be chasing down each leakster. But, they’re not doing a good job, apparently. Anyway, it means more tech tidbits for us!

iphone xi reverse wireless charging

Another leak that we have is the battery capacity of the new iPhones. Now, iPhones never really pack big batteries, compared to the Android World. But iOS has a pretty neat battery optimization. However, the iPhone XI Max is going to have a 3650 mAh battery over the XS Max’s 3174 mAh, which is like a 10 – 13% increment. That’s not much, but given the new iOS 13, and with the new Apple A13 chip, it will make great changes! Also, the same source claims that the iPhone XI will have a 3320 mAh battery. And since there were rumors that they will also support Reverse Wireless Charging like the Huawei P30 Pro and the Galaxy S10, the bigger batteries are a must!

New Design

This year too, we’ll probably not see refreshed designs on the new iPhones. Sure, there are leaked and rendered images, that show what the new iPhones will look like. And sure enough, the form factor remains the same. The only changes are in the rear camera module, which shows a more square-shaped camera bump.

iphone xi leaks and rumors 1

Since we’re expecting a similar iPhone lineup to the XS lineup, we’ll get a 5.8″ and 6.5″ OLED iPhones along with a 6.1″ LCD iPhone. These are most likely the successors of the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and the iPhone XR. And according to the images, the 2019 iPhone XR will have a dual camera set up while the other two will have triple cameras. The two cameras on the 2019 XR will be a wide-angle lens and a telephoto one. As for the triple camera setup, we’re not quite sure what they will pack.

In addition, more prototypes leaks show various colors of the 2019 iPhone XR. As usual, it will offer more color options than the other iPhones. But what legitimizes the leaked designs, even more, is the arrival of the iPhone clones like that from the Gu Phone – which has been making iPhone clones since a long time ago!

But I guess, those are the final designs that Jony Ive made before he left Apple.

What’s more, is that Apple is making a special edition iPhones for the Chinese market with TouchID on the display itself. Apple sales are already down in China, and the Huawei-US scandal hasn’t helped them any. So, to attract more Chinese customers, they’re taking a few extra steps.

Also, the new iPhones will be releasing this fall of 2019.

Other new Apple Products

Now, there are also rumors of other Apple devices in the works. There are claims that Apple is working on a foldable iPad. With every other big company making their own foldable devices, Apple would have to start, too. So, maybe they chose to make a foldable iPad instead of a foldable iPhone. That’s interesting, but given that Apple likes to implement new technologies on their iPads first, it’s not surprising.

ipad foldable

In addition, Apple is also working on future AirPods. The current AirPod 2 is already great, but the latest patents show that they’ve improved sound leaks on the new AirPod. But the most exciting part about that is that they might also be available in black color!

Final news about Apple is that they’ll solve their keyboard issues with their MacBook Air by going back to their Scissor switch style keyboard layout. This will be a relief for anyone wanting to get the new MacBook Airs in 2020.

So, that’s all about the iPhone XI Leaks and Rumors. What do you think about them? Do let us know.