Here’s a new MediaTek 4G chip for budget phones — Helio G91

MediaTek Helio G91 Featured
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In recent times, it seemed as if microprocessor manufacturers had diverted all their focus to 5G chips only. However, MediaTek just launched a new 4G processor without making much noise about it. Let’s discuss the new MediaTek Helio G91 chipset in further detail in this article.

MediaTek Helio G91 Overview

The latest MediaTek chip shares a lot of similarities in terms of hardware to the Helio G88 and G85 processors. So, we could say it is an update to those Helio chips.


MediaTek Helio G91 comes with eight cores altogether where two of which are ARM Cortex-A75, and six of them are ARM Cortex-A55 cores. In terms of the fabrication, it follows TSMC‘s 12nm process. This processor can achieve a peak clock speed of 2.0 GHz through its A75 cores while the A55 cores cap out at 1.8 GHz.

MediaTek Helio G91

The graphics on the MediaTek Helio G91 are handled by the ARM Mali-G52 MC2 GPU and clock in at a maximum of 1.0 GHz.

Hardware support

The main highlight of this chipset is that it can support up to 108MP of camera unit. On top of that, the MediaTek Helio G91 comes with different hardware accelerators such as a hardware depth engine for dual camera bokeh captures, Camera Control Unit (CCU), Electronic Image Stabilisation (EIS), and Rolling Shutter Compensation (RCS) technologies.

Other than that, this processor supports a display with resolutions of up to 2,520 x 1,080 pixels and a 90Hz refresh rate. Furthermore, it can work with up to 8GB LPDDR4x-1800 RAM while it can go hand-in-hand with eMMC 5.1 storage.


As mentioned earlier, it is a 4G chipset and supports 4G VoLTE cellular connectivity while allowing you to use data even when you are on a call. Similarly, MediaTek Helio G91 offers additional wireless connectivity through WiFi 5, and Bluetooth v5.0 support.

MediaTek Helio G91 Connectivity

Meanwhile, it has a four-way navigation capability with BeiDou, GALILEO, GLONASS, and good ol’ GPS. MediaTek has packed this processor with an internal navigation engine allowing it to understand its dashboard mount orientation. It also has an in-built voice wakeup (VoW) capability which offers smartphone designers the ability to access voice assistant services.

MediaTek Helio G91 Availability

Looking into the details of the chipset we can easily deduce that it is targeted at the budget phones. Even though MediaTek has not mentioned when will the chip make its way into smartphones and our hands. Nevertheless, we will probably start seeing this chipset in budget smartphones with high-resolution cameras later this year.

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