Xiaomi Nepal launches Mi Power Bank 2i as a part of its “Secret 7” campaign

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Xiaomi announced its Secret 7 campaign via its official social media handles last month. Under the campaign, the company will be launching 7 new products, otherwise referred to as “7 surprises” in Nepal. The first two surprises were the Redmi 9 and Redmi 9A. For the third surprise, Xiaomi Nepal has launched two variants of the Mi Power Bank 2i. Let’s learn more about the Mi Power Bank 2i, along with its specs, features, official price, and availability in Nepal.

Mi Power Bank 2i Overview

Design and Dimension

Mi Power Bank 2i Design color options

The Mi Power Bank 2i comes with a compact form factor. The 10,000mAh variant is enclosed inside a body that measures 147 x 71.2 x 14.2mm. On the other hand, the 20000mAh variant is slightly thicker at 149.5 x 69.6 x 23.9mm. For greater structural strength and damage against environmental factors, Xiaomi has used aluminum alloy for the frame. Similarly, Xiaomi has also used PC and ABS for the construction.

The metallic build has been finished off with an anodized layer on top for added resistance against sweat, corrosion, and wears. The company claims that the 180-degree ergonomics design will provide a secure hand grip to the users.


The two variants of the Mi Power Bank 2i packs in 10,000mAh and 20,000mAh capacity battery, respectively. Both are lithium-polymer batteries and are optimized for charging efficiency. The 10000mAh Mi Power Bank 2i has an output capacity of 6,500mAh. It contributes to a conversion rate of about 90%. Similarly, Power Bank 2i has an output capacity of 13000mAh and a conversion rate of up to 85%.


The Mi Power Bank 2i features dual USB ports for output. It supports 18W fast charging but only when a single device is connected. When it is charging two devices simultaneously, the output is limited to 5.14V / 2.4A on the 10000mAh variant and 5.1V / 3.6A on the 20000mAh variant.

Mi Power Bank 2i USB portsIf you wish to charge mobile accessories such as fitness band and Bluetooth headset, there is a separate low power charging mode. It can be activated by double-pressing the power button. Upon activation, the power bank will enter a 2-hour low power charging mode.


The Mi Power Bank 2i features USB smart-control chips and charging/discharging chips from Texas Instruments. Thus, it offers nine layers of protection. The internal chip is protected against short circuit, input, and output overvoltage, overcharging, and over-discharging. Similarly, the chips ensure the battery is operating within the operatable temperature condition. The power bank can stop the charging process if it detects an incorrectly inserted charger.

Mi Power Bank 2i protection levelsIn case the power bank becomes unstable, users can reset the device using the power button. The power bank also features a Positive Temperature Coefficients circuit, which acts as a fuse in case temperature and current exceed the maximum limit.

Mi Power Bank 2i Specifications:

  • Dimension: (10000mAh:147 x 71.2 x 14.2mm) / (20000mAh:149.5 x 69.6 x 23.9mm)
  • Battery type: Lithium polymer battery
  • USB output: 2
  • Output capacity: (10000mAh:6,500mAh) /(20000mAh: 13000mAh)
  • Output paramters: 2 * DC 5.1V / 2.4A, 9V / 2A, 12V / 1.5A
  • Charging Time: (10000mAh: 4.2 hours (18W), 6.2W(10W)) /(20000mAh: 6.7 hours (18W), 10 hours (10W))
  • Protection: Nine layer protection from Texas Instruments’ chips

Mi Power Bank 2i Price in Nepal and Availability

The price of Mi Power Bank 2i in Nepal is Rs. 1,899 for the 10,000mAh capacity and Rs. 3,199 for the 20,000mAh capacity. Mi Power Bank 2i will soon go on sale through 1800+ Mi offline stores and Sastodeal.

Power Bank models Official Price in Nepal Availability
10000mAh Mi Power Bank 2i Rs. 1,899
  • 1800+ Mi offline stores
  • Sastodeal
20000mAh Mi Power Bank 2i Rs. 3,199
  • 1800+ Mi offline stores
  • Sastodeal
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