Microsoft announces powerful VR Headsets for $299

Microsoft VR
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In a Microsoft event today, a lot of new products were announced which enhances your Work and gaming experience and some of them even challenge your reality.  With the motto of “3D for everyone”, the event showcased some of the 3D based products Microsoft has been working on. Microsoft announced that with its next update of Windows 10 in Spring (Windows Creator Update), its manufacturing partners (Dell, Asus, Lenovo,HP, Acer) will be creating the most affordable VR headsets and all of them will be significantly priced under $299 and run on even a low powered computer.

 Microsoft VR

These VR headsets will include inside-out tracking and six-degrees of freedom sensors which will eradicate the need for external cameras and laser systems, enabling you to move freely as you experience virtual reality within your own space. Most of the VR’s need complicated setups and hardware but Microsoft has completely removed this hassle and made VR into a much simpler experience which everyone can enjoy.


Microsoft has ported some of the ethics and functionality from HoloLens($3000) which makes this cheap VR headset even more powerful. These headsets do not need any external remotes and will work on mere hand gestures like in the HoloLens.

Microsoft VR

Microsoft VR headsets will create a separate space for you, which you can customize per your liking. This space can be pretty much anything, may be a workspace or gaming space or even a touring space! You will be able to take tours of some of the popular tourist destination in the world with the HoloTour Software and even interact with them to some extent. With your space, you can have multiple apps running at the same time, which you can interact distinctively. This space is more like the Windows desktop which is a get way to all of our apps and files.

Microsoft VR

Despite being cheap, what it has to offer is immense and might open doors for millions of people to enter into the Virtual Reality. The best thing about this headset is that it will work with affordable laptops and PCs. These VR headsets will be released next spring along with the release of Microsoft Creator update, which is free by the way!

You can experience Virtual objects/images and even 3-D print them with the new community Microsoft released: Remix 3D.

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