Microsoft is offering free AI courses with certification

Microsoft Free AI courses
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Microsoft is pushing for the growth of AI talents with its different programs including global grants, free generative AI courses, and a training tool for teachers. Let’s learn more.

Free AI courses from Microsoft

For starters, it seems like Microsoft is taking the initiative to further solidify its position in the AI race. And it’s now investing in training workers on AI. Under its “Skill for the Jobs” initiative, Microsoft is pushing for global AI literacy. The company’s popular networking platform “LinkedIn” now offers free AI courses alongside certification. Though Generative AI is considered to be intuitive and easy to use, its courses are useful to show beginners the ropes in fundamental concepts and applications.

The courses themselves are in English but will be available in other languages like Spanish, German, Portuguese, French, Japanese, and Chinese over time. They cover a wide range of topics and skill levels from “introduction to AI” to in-depth tutorials of AI tools. They are the first of their kind to provide a “Professional Certificate on Generative AI in the online learning market”.

Toolkit for educators

Microsoft Generative AI Toolkit for Educators

In addition to that, Microsoft is also launching a trainer toolkit for educators. This toolkit is said to contain “bite-sized” content for trainers for easy entry into AI. It includes a separate course for educators for them to better their understanding and instructional abilities on AI.

Open grant 

And lastly, Microsoft alongside and GitHub also announced their “Generative AI Skills Challenge” which aims to “explore, develop, and implement how nonprofit, social enterprise and research or academic institutions can train and empower the workforce to use generative AI”.

The grants contain more than just cash prizes since winners will also be able to access collective learning opportunities, data training + guidance, and access to Microsoft’s events and cloud-computing resources. Interested can apply by submitting their applications here before August 15, 2023.

It’s clear that Microsoft wants to lead the charge when it comes to nurturing a skilled workforce with AI. With the stage set, we expect other giants like Amazon and Google to follow suit. Moreover, certification and grants further incentivize individuals and organizations to give it a try. All in all, it’s a win-win situation for everyone and helps build a strong foundation for future technologies to rest on.