MWC 2019: Nubia to announce it’s foldable smartphone at the event

Nubia Flexible smartphone
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Seems like every manufacturer is gearing up for foldable phones. Who can blame them, the saturated smartphone market needs something to get the consumers excited again. And seems like foldable phones are the way to go. Joining the party is Nubia, confirming its first foldable smartphone, scheduled for launch, this MWC.

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The MWC is the world’s biggest smartphone event of the year. So, it’s only justifiable that smartphone makers will attempt to make a mark. The event will take place in Barcelona with an expected attendance of over 70,000 visitors. The audience list includes Journalists from over 160 counties and over 1200 speakers.nubia

The teaser form Nubia reads, “Flex Your Life”, while details about the phone remain unknown. We are not sure if it is even a phone, all we are certain of is a flexible device. And yet, having seen the teaser from Samsung for their foldable phone, while Xiaomi and Huawei also seem pretty interested. Seems like foldable smartphones are making a proper comeback.

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In a past event (IFA 2018), Nubia did show off a flexible wearable prototype. The device dubbed Nubia Alpha is pretty unique in its own way. On the contrary, what Nubia brings to the table this time remains to be seen. Take a look at the teaser below:

Nubia entered the Nepali market in 2018, with a moto “Mobile Photography Expert”. Since then, Nepali mobile photography enthusiasts have been quite attracted to Nubia smartphones. The brand is renowned for its innovations in the mobile industry, the Nubia Red Magic Mars standing as an example. Furthermore, the gaming flagship is expected to launch in Nepal soon.

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