The Refurbished Note 7 is called the Galaxy Note Fan Edition

galaxy note fan edition gadgetbyte nepal note 7
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We all remember what happened to the Galaxy Note 7 in 2016. But now, after recalling the same device twice, Samsung is going to try a third time. And this time, it’s called the Galaxy Note Fan Edition.

The naming of the device comes from the promotional poster put on display in South Korea. This is purely targeted towards the core Note fans and those who want a last year flagship phone on the cheap.

note fan edition gadgetbyte nepal
galaxy note fan edition promo in South Korea

Samsung has just begun to recover from their PR disaster. If this device happens to show any battery issues, it’s going to be even worst for Samsung’s reputation. And with a risk that big, Samsung has placed a more stringent safety testing procedures in place. This is basically a way to counter the huge financial losses and environmental issues.

The new device is going to be exactly the same as before, except for the battery. The older batteries are going to be replaced by a smaller battery, so that’s reassuring. Right?With the newer Galaxy Note 8 just a few months away, this phone is going to have to provide something special.

The refurbished device is expected for the reveal in selected regions on July 7, for a price tag of $611. So, what do you think of the Note Fan Edition? Would you buy the refurbished smartphone? And what do you think about the pricing of the device? Comment below to let us know.