NVIDIA announces GeForce MX550, MX570 entry-level GPUs for laptops

With more CUDA cores and faster memory

NVIDIA GeForce MX550 MX570 Mobile GPU dedicated Specs Features Availability Architecture
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Among the three new NVIDIA mobile GPUs are the entry-level MX550 and MX570. They are successors to last year’s MX450. In this article, we’ll take a look at the new GeForce MX550 and MX570 GPUs, including their features and availability.

NVIDIA GeForce MX550, MX570 Overview:

Here, the MX550 is the immediate successor to MX450 that NVIDIA launched back in December 2020. Like its predecessor, MX550 is based on Turing architecture. The company has not disclosed the exact numbers but says that this new GPU features more CUDA cores and faster memory than MX450.

It is widely assumed that NVIDIA has made use of the same TU117 chip (like MX450)—but this time, in its full capacity. This means that MX550 could well feature 1024 CUDA cores, up from MX450’s 896.

Ampere architecture

Moving on, GeForce MX570 is based on the newer Ampere architecture which is also the foundation of the RTX 30-series mobile GPUs and the newly announced RTX 2050. The use of this architecture alone makes it unlike any other GPU in the MX lineup so far. NVIDIA says that it packs the most power-efficient CUDA cores in any MX-series GPU, though the exact figures are still secret.

On the other hand, the company has failed to mention support for Ray Tracing, DLSS, and other Ampere technologies. Thus, it’s safe to assume that MX570 doesn’t have any of those.

Faster memory

NVIDIA also mentions that both new MX500-series GPUs have faster memory. Since MX450 featured 10Gbps GDDR6 memory, we assume its successors are using 12Gbps GDDR6 VRAM. Similarly, the bus width remains unchanged at 64-bit.

Moving on, these two GPUs have NVIDIA Optimus support, which is a GPU switching technology. With this, the laptop can effectively switch between integrated GPU (iGPU) and dedicated GPU (dGPU) based on the need.

MX450 vs MX550 vs MX570 (Unconfirmed)

MX570 MX550 MX450
Architecture Ampere Turing
Process Samsung 8nm TSMC 12nm
Chip GA107 TU117
CUDA cores (Estimated) >1024 1024 896
Memory Bus 64-bit
Memory (Estimated Bandwidth) 2GB GDDR6 VRAM (12Gbps) 2GB GDDR6 VRAM (10Gbps)

NVIDIA GeForce MX550, MX570 Availability

As expected, NVIDIA GeForce MX550 and MX570 will appear on thin-and-light laptops, offering greater performance than Intel or AMD’s integrated GPUs. Laptops with MX550 and MX570 will be available from the Spring of 2022.

Laptop GPU Availability (Official)
NVIDIA MX550 Spring 2022
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