Oppo paving its way in the premium segment in Nepal with Reno

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Honor X9b Ad
Honor X9b Ad

By now, it’s no news that Oppo’s new sub-brand is out and about. The sub-brand, known as Reno, launched with the tagline “For the young and lively”, and apparently, it’s a new series engineered for creativity. And this Oppo Reno series is making its way to Nepal, too. However, this is only part of the news.

Because, Oppo has revamped its brand identity, too. The company claims that this new brand identity focuses on quality, craftsmanship, and uniqueness in every detail. And apparently, this is a big deal! Because Oppo partnered with a celebrated designer, Eddie Opara of Pentagram, to craft a new brand identity! If you don’t know who that is, well, just know, he’s a very celebrated name in the design industry. The new brand imagery reveals a much simpler, symmetrical logo, apparently. Because, to me, it looks much simpler than before.

oppo new logo
Oppo’s new symmetrical logo

Anyways, this new logo showcases an exciting evolution in the company and its ongoing growth and success. And also mark the growth and wider reach of Oppo as it continues to expand.

However, for us, as consumers, that is hardly interesting. We’re more interested in their new Oppo Reno series lineup. And since this series is making its way to Nepal, we’re waiting to see what kind of an impact it’ll make here. Because Oppo claims it’ll serve as a catalyst for Oppo’s smartphone development in Nepal for the next ten years! While only time will tell about that, there have been no dates or any other information about the Reno series launch in Nepal. All we know is that it’s launching, soon.

But if it’s going to make a place for itself in the premium smartphone segment, we expect it to release their Oppo Reno 10X Zoom in here, too! At least…it would prove to be a lot better premium phone than the Oppo R17 Pro!