SSD Price in Nepal: SATA SSD, M.2 SSD & NVMe SSD

    SSD Price in Nepal M.2 NVMe SATA storage features availability
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    One of the most effective ways of speeding up an old setup is by swapping the HDD with SDD storage. If you are looking to include one into your system you have come to the right place. We have listed all the SSD that you can currently buy in Nepal along with their specs and price.

    What is an SSD?

    Solid State Drive or SSD is a technology that is rapidly replacing the Hard Disk Drive in the computer world. Like HDD, SSD is a data storage device, and the difference between the two lies in the way they store data. In HDD, data are read and written on spinning disks using an arm. On the other hand, SSD doesn’t have any moving parts and data here are stored digitally in integrated circuits. Generally, SSDs are smaller and faster and thus are used to speed up performance in speed up. On the other hand, HDDs are still being used as backup storage because it is cheaper than SSD.

    Types of SSD

    2.5” SATA SSD

    These are the most common type of SSDs. They are as compact as a 2.5” HDD and even use the Same SATA connector. There are standards within the SATA connectors and you have to pay attention to the compatibility of your drive and the SSD. For instance, SATA III is faster (6Gbps) than the SATA II (3Gbps). You also need to take care of the thickness of the SSD. The most common thickness is 7mm but you may also find SSDs that are 9.5mm or 12.7mm thick.

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    mSATA SSDs are typically smaller than the 2.5-inch drive and are designed to plug into mSATA sockets. Normally, you would not notice much difference in speed between a SATA SSD and an mSATA. The latter is just a smaller form factor than the former.  You would normally find them in thin and portable devices such as laptops. However, these have become quite rare as users have already moved to M.2 SSDs.

    SATA SSD Price in Nepal

    Brand Specifications (SATA interface) Price
    ZILLION 128GB NPR 3,200
    ZILLION 256GB NPR 5,000
    ZILLION 512GB NPR 8,500
    ZILLION 1TB NPR 14,000
    SANDISK 120GB NPR 3,200
    SANDISK 240GB NPR 5,000
    SANDISK 240GB, SATA III, 2.5” NPR 6,400
    SANDISK 480GB, SATA III, 2.5” NPR 10,500
    SANDISK 512GB NPR 8,500
    SANDISK 1TB, SATA III, 2.5” NPR 21,000
    AITC 128GB NPR 2,800
    AITC 256GB NPR 5,000
    AITC 512GB NPR 8,500
    AITC 1TB NPR 15,000

    M.2 SSD

    M.2 SSDs are a lot compact in size compared to the SATA and mSATA counterparts. An M.2 SSD can support either SATA or PCIe. The ones that support PCIe are faster than those with support for SATA and thus are more expensive.

    M.2 SSDs come in different sizes but the most common is the Type-2280 measures 22mm in width and 80mm in length. It is also comparable to a RAM stick.

    M.2 SSD Price in Nepal

    Brand Specifications (M.2 Interface) Price
    SANDISK 128GB NPR 3,500
    SANDISK 256GB NPR 6,000
    SANDISK 512GB NPR 10,500
    SANDISK 1TB NPR 15,500
    KINGSTON 120GB NPR 3,500
    KINGSTON 240GB NPR 5,500
    KINGSTON 512GB NPR 9,000

    SSDs nowadays come with support for NVMe. NVMe is a transfer protocol that allows the SSD to interact directly with the PCIe lanes bypassing the restrictions of the SATA interface.

    NVMe SSD Price in Nepal

    Brand Specifications (NVMe Protocal) Price
    ADATA 128GB NVME NPR 3,500
    PNY 256GB NVME NPR 5,500
    PNY 512GB NVME NPR 10,500
    ADATA 1TB NVME NPR 19,500
    XPG 256GB NVME 3500MB/S RGB NPR 8,000
    XPG 512GB NVME 3500MB/S RGB NPR 12,500
    AITC 128GB NPR 3,500
    AITC 256GB NPR 5,500
    AITC 512GB NPR 9,000
    AITC 1TB NPR 19,000