RAM Price in Nepal [Updated]: Multi-brand, RGB/Non-RGB

    RAM Price in Nepal
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    RAM is one of the major components to consider whenever you are building a new PC or updating an existing one. In this post, we have listed the price of the RAM sticks (modules) that you can currently buy in Nepal.

    What is RAM and what does it do?

    RAM (Random Acess Memory) is responsible for storing information relating to processes and threads being processed. When you run a program on a computer, related data and files (otherwise known as pagefile) need to be loaded onto the RAM for your system to give you the result you require.

    There are programs that require more RAM than others. Generally, high-end games and programs that deal with large media files require higher RAM storage. Not having enough RAM may result in a laggy experience. It can even cause freezing and random boots. At times, your system will also display a “Memory Getting Low” error message.

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    Upgrading RAM in your system

    There are few considerations to make whenever upgrading RAM in a system. First, your system needs to support RAM upgrades. In many systems, you will find that RAM is soldered into the motherboard. You cannot do anything in this case.

    If your system has replaceable RAM then you can think of upgrading them. A lot of it will depend on your systems like the no of sticks that can be inserted, the maximum capacity, and the form factor (DIMM/SODIMM).

    You will also have to pay attention to the generation of the RAM module. The latest standard is DDR4 but your system may support DDR3 or DDR2 if it is older. So do check the compatibility of your motherboard. There are even systems out there that support multiple generations of RAM. But never use modules belonging to two different generations together.  If possible always go for a dual-channel configuration.

    Some RAM even comes with their own RGB lighting. These RGBs do not have any effect on the performance and are there for purpose of aesthetics alone. Unless you are building a gaming rig that you want to show off to your friends you will be better off with non-RGB RAM modules.

    Non-RGB RAM Price in Nepal

    Brand Memory, Speed Price in Nepal
    HYPER X 8GB 3600MHz NPR 7,000
    HYPER X 16GB 3600MHz NPR 13,000
    HYPER X 32GB 3600MHz NPR 23,000
    XPG 8GB 3600MHz NPR 6,500
    XPG 16GB 3600MHz NPR 12,000
    XPG 8GB  3200MHz NPR 6,500
    XPG 16GB 3200MHz NPR 12,000
    LEXAR 8GB 3600MHz NPR 6,500
    LEXAR 16GB 3600MHz NPR 13,000
    LEXAR 8GB 3200MHz NPR 6,500
    LEXAR 16GB 3200MHz NPR 12,000
    AITC 8GB 3200MHz NPR 6,500

    RGB RAM Price in Nepal

    Brand Memory, Speed Price in Nepal
    HYPER X 8GB 3600MHz NPR 7,500
    HYPER X 16GB 3600MHz NPR 14,000
    HYPER X 32GB 3600MHz NPR 26,000
    XPG 8GB 3600MHz NPR 7,500
    XPG 16GB 3600MHz NPR 14,000
    XPG 8GB  3200MHz NPR 7,000
    XPG 16GB 3200MHz NPR 13,000
    CORSAIR 8GB 3600MHz NPR 7,500
    CORSAIR 16GB 3600MHz NPR 14500
    CORSAIR 8GB 3200MHz NPR 7,000
    CORSAIR 16GB 3200MHz NPR 13,500
    AITC 8GB, 3200MHz NPR 8,000
    AITC 8GB, 3600MHz NPR 8,500
    AITC 16GB, 3200MHz NPR 15,000