4 reasons to move for older flagship smartphone

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We all know how expensive those new flagships are; with a new processor, new design, new features buying the latest flagship smartphone will empty your bank. While the latest smartphone might be awesome to have, sometimes it is smarter to buy older handsets. And, here are 4 reasons to choose older flagship devices:

1. Old flagships have still got enough power

Even though the new phones have the latest and the fastest processor, the processor inside old flagships won’t lag while doing simple tasks and playing hardcore games. But you must realize that the processor in old phones are outdated and aren’t as fast as the new ones. Take for instance the S7 Edge, it’s still a great phablet and comes with similar specs compared to S8.

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2. The latest features aren’t a must

The new features added in the newest flagships are great and attractive to the users but is it really necessary? The 4k video recording, iris scanner, modularity, waterproofing, forced touch etc. aren’t a must for daily usage. The features are definitely plus points but are not worth the extra money.

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3. Latest smartphones may have unknown bugs

When you buy the latest smartphone you are taking a risk as there may be some uncovered hardware or software bugs. But when you opt for an older handset you can find its problems and solutions and there are already lots of problem documentation and information on forums, which can be really helpful.

Photo source: DetroitBORG
Photo source: DetroitBORG

4. Old flagships are cheaper

So another reason to approach older phones is that it will be much cheaper than the flagships. All people cannot afford the expensive latest smartphone so people can choose to buy the cheaper older flagship.

Prices of Older Flagships:

  • OP3: Rs.39,999 (Oliz Store)
  • S7 (32GB): Rs. 57,900