JerryRigEverything: Redmi Note 7’s BendGate is real!

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Redmi Note 7 – A phone that created a lot of buzz in the market. First, with its 48 MP camera hardware with pixel binning. Then, we found the camera was not as good as the Redmi Note 5 AI, actually. And then, the Redmi Note 7 Bendgate! After that, we found out the Redmi Note 7 was a bit unwilling to bend. So many issues, so much buzz, so much controversy around that device!

The first bend gate was pointed out by Technical Guruji, one of the most popular tech reviewers of India. He tested the phone for durability and bent it easily. But while doing so, he didn’t seem to apply even pressure at the central point of the phone, which was seemingly unscientific, resulting in the breakage. And for that, the guy received a lot of heat.

Then, another video surfaced about the phone. Gupta Information Systems, which is another popular tech channel, took the phone for a spin with bend test, scratch test, durability test, splash test and such. And the phone passed the bend test, albeit bending a bit, but returning to its original state. Due to it going through all those extra steps and a more scientific approach, it seemed like a more genuine of a bend test.

But now, we have the mother of all tests! JerryRigEverything, which is one of the most popular channels in the world to test the durability of tech, rigged the Redmi Note 7. And it almost survived… In his tests, he goes through all his normal procedures, where the phone fares like most others do. But on the bend test, the phone bends easily. And there is no questioning his techniques! The phone bends, there are no two ways around it! Maybe, the weakness lies in the plastic frame of the phone, but it’s out there for everyone to see.

Yes, you might argue that Zach, of JerryRigEverthing, is a pretty muscular guy, and he can bend phones more easily than others, too. But of course, that also proves the phone will withstand your day to day abuses. No one will be bending their phones like that anyway, which he states himself. Yet, this phone didn’t survive, when most others do. And so, now, we can rest…the conflict has come to an end…we have the result. The Redmi Note 7 – so it bends!

Now, we don’t mean to bash someone and praise some other. This is about the phone, and we’re just making you aware of what’s going on. If we had the phone in our hands, maybe, we’d bend-test it ourselves. But for now, we don’t need to…we already know.