This Nepali startup lets you build an e-commerce site in minutes

And it even has free tier subscription

Blanxer Nepali startup business management platform
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Are you looking to build an e-commerce website for your brand but don’t know where to start? Then you should check out Blanxer, which is a new Nepali startup that lets you create an e-commerce site in a matter of minutes. And it’s honestly amazing what you can do within an hour right now. What’s even more impressive is that it even has a free tier offering so you can get started right away. Let’s learn more about Blanxer Nepal.

What is Blanxer?


As a business management platform, Blanxer lets users set up e-commerce stores without any coding. But it’s a bit different compared to Squarespace and WordPress since Blanxer is a store management platform as well. So it is a comprehensive e-commerce package as well as a website creator. And it can definitely help small businesses that have been relying on TikTok and Instagram manage their resources better, acquire sophisticated data for better decision-making, and ultimately grow their business.

How do you use Blanxer?

Okay, so let me give you a quick tour of Blanxer. To kick things off, head on to their website “”, and fill in all the necessary details including your name, phone number, store info, and more. Then after signing up via your Google account, you are immediately greeted with the dashboard.

blanxer dashboard
Blanxer – dashboard

Here, you can create a new store by filling out the details like category, name, and address.

blanxer store-creation

After that, you can customize your website by selecting the “Appearance Panel”. This is where you can change the theme of your website and customize branding.

blanxer store-plugins
Blanxer – store plugins

You can also choose to install plugins like Facebook Messenger to encourage quick communication with customers.

Payment system


Once you’ve finished building your website, it’s time to set up the payment options. In the free plan, you can only enable the “Cash on Delivery” option. Whereas a premium Blanxer subscription gets lets you integrate eSewa, FonePay, and Visa payment alternatives too.

You can even automate payments using “Blanxer Pay”, but the company charges a flat 3% fee on every transaction. So, for small businesses with not a lot of revenue, it might be a better idea to handle payments separately. But if your business generates a lot of sales, then it might be easier to automate that part as well.


blanxerordersStill and all, order management is where things get a little finicky as there’s no way to automate orders from sources other than your website. And you’re gonna have to manually create orders for every one of them.

So if anyone orders via the website, the seller receives an order and they can message the buyer to confirm the order. But say someone sends an order request via Instagram messages or something, the current alternative would be to send the website’s buy link for the product, which is not a great experience for the buyer. So we expect the Blanxer team to figure things out as they go.


As I mentioned in the beginning, Blanxer has a free tier subscription that you can try out. And in this, you can manage up to 15 products, while also accessing features like order and inventory management, basic website customization, and basic analytics.

Blanxer – pricing

But if that’s insufficient for your business, then you’re gonna have to get the “Premium” subscription. It costs NPR 1,167 per month under a quarterly billing plan, whereas if you opt for an annual subscription, you can enjoy a flat 25% off on your monthly bill. And a premium plan includes managing unlimited products, custom domain eligibility, website SEO, Blanxer Pay, bulk uploads, and access to all the plugins. Finally, they also have a “Platinum” plan for the big direct-to-customer (D2C) businesses.

Blanxer Nepal: Final Thoughts

All in all, Blanxer looks like an incredibly useful tool for small businesses in Nepal. With the recent growth of organic shops via TikTok and Instagram, it definitely has a big market here. In Nepal, most small online businesses operate manually and manage their orders via Google Sheets or Excel, which is not really ideal.

Likewise, although a lot of Nepal’s e-commerce stores get traffic, their lead-to-customer conversion rate is poor due to various factors. So with Blanxer, having a beautifully crafted website and access to analytical tools can help such businesses scale up much faster.

By offering a free plan, the Blanxer team is also allowing such businesses to try out their service first before committing to a paid premium plan. And we wish the company the best of luck in their future endeavors.