Use FonePay in India with Cross Border QR Payment!

Fonepay in India with Cross Border QR Payment
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Fonepay, Nepal’s first mobile payment network or Payment System Operator (PSO), has partnered with India’s NIPL to launch a historic “Cross Border QR Payment” service. In this article, we will be discussing various aspects regarding FonePay in India, its implications, and much more.

Fonepay in India Overview

Cross Border QR Payment

Fonepay and NCPI have announced “Cross Border QR Payment” at the Global Fintech Fest 2023. The announcement was made in the presence of fintech visionaries, thought leaders, and innovators from all around the world. It was also announced that both the companies have completed operational preparations. Furthermore, the technological integration is in the final process.

After completion of this, the companies can then operate their services on the ground level. Meaning, that paying through Fonepay in India will be possible for us Nepali. On the other hand, Nepali vendors can receive payments through their Fonepay QR from Indians as well.

Fonepay in India announcement

The companies are hoping to provide a considerable boost to the digital payments ecosystem. Along with that, they are hoping that the collaboration will prove to be a major stepping stone for widening their reach in the international market. The spokespersons of both companies are hopeful in nurturing the relationship between the two countries through this partnership. Furthermore, they are hoping this collaboration will be helpful in the financial and economic growth of both countries as well.


We hear phrases like “Fonepay gardey na!” or “Fonepay chha hai?” all around us. At this point, Fonepay has become synonymous with cashless transactions in Nepal. This is because Fonepay has been providing fast, secure, and reliable digital payment services to its customers by partnering with a large number of banks and digital wallets.

Fonepay has allowed us Nepali folks to enjoy making easy online payments. Furthermore, they have helped us limit our compulsion to visit banks for tiny amounts of fund transfers. On top of that, we can even make payments for government services through Fonepay. We can attribute the F1 Soft Group subsidiary as the most active contributor to a cashless Nepali economy. Thanks to Fonepay, making easy payments in India will soon be possible as well.

Cross Border QR payment


NPCI International Payments Limited (NIPL)

On the other hand, the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) is responsible for developing and deploying a real-time payment system and successful card scheme in the form of Unified Payments Interface (UPI) and RuPay respectively. With the help of these products, NPCI was successful in transforming the payment segment in India.

After having proven its technological capabilities in the domestic market, NPCI decided to expand its wings to the international market. As a result, NPCI International Payments Limited (NIPL) came to life. NIPL offers technological assistance via licensing and consulting to other countries. They assist in establishing a similar product to their own in the said countries.

Implications of Fonepay in India

The fact that the relationship between Nepal and India runs very deep is undeniable. As a result, the two countries have adopted an open border system, allowing easy movement between the two countries. This has resulted in individuals travelling between the countries for employment, tourism, business, and more.

Despite such ease, the monetary aspects of the travel have been somewhat difficult. Exchanging currency has been a huge hassle for travelling individuals. Thanks to Fonepay in India, the hassle of exchanging currencies might be gone altogether. However, this will heavily depend on various aspects such as service charges for the feature, and applicable taxes. Regardless, this collaboration is sure to ease the process of making payments and sending of funds between the countrymen in both countries. As a result, this could help boost trade and commerce between the nations.


In conclusion, I believe the “Cross Border QR Payment” will be helpful to both Nepalese and Indian visitors. The ability to Fonepay in India is sure to be a very welcomed service in both countries.