Three variants of Samsung Galaxy S9 to launch in March 2018

samsung galaxy s9 s9 plus s9 mini gadgetbyte nepal
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The rumored Samsung Galaxy S8 mini isn’t panning out as we hoped for, but sources are really certain about a Galaxy S9 mini. The Galaxy S9 mini accompanies its bigger brother, the regular Galaxy S9. And both of them are going to launch alongside the even bigger Galaxy S9+.

Remember the days when Samsung used to launch just one Galaxy S smartphone in a year? Well, next year it’s going to be three S-series smartphones. That’s probably because people want devices of different screen sizes and Samsung wants to make the best of galaxy s9 s9 plus s9 mini gadgetbyte nepal

All three Galaxy S9 variants will feature an even better AMOLED displays. No doubts there. It seems like Samsung is sticking with their 18.5:9 aspect ratio. The new devices will also be the first to get Qualcomm’s latest and greatest for next year – the Snapdragon 845 chipset.

People who like smaller displays will be happy to hear that the Samsung Galaxy S9 mini, will feature a 5-inch edge to edge display with the same 18.5:9 screen ratio. Let’s just hope that Samsung doesn’t compromise on the internals of this galaxy s9 s9 plus s9 mini gadgetbyte nepal

The fingerprint will find it’s way to the back of the phone, below the camera sensors. There are also talks of a proper facial recognition like face ID, and a dual camera setup as well. Sensibly, the RAM will be well over the 6GB mark, with the exception of the S9 mini (most probably 4GB). There is one claim that is too unreal to pan out – a 1000 fps slow-mo capable camera sensor. We will have to wait and see which of this rumor actually pans out.

All of these devices in question are set to launch together in March 2018. The pricing, on the other hand, will be tricky since a smaller version is launching as well. Without much of a design change, the prices will probably not be different from the current versions.

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