Samsung is working on 3D face unlock with dual under-display cameras

Samsung Dual under-display camera 3D Face Recognition patent
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Samsung is working on a new facial recognition system that will employ two under-display cameras as suggested by a patent. This patent was filed at KIPRIS last year and has just been made public. So, let’s take a brief look at the Samsung dual under-display camera facial recognition system and how it works.

Samsung Dual Under-display Camera Facial Recognition System:

The technology works on a simple idea based on capturing multiple images of the user from two angles to create a 3D model of the face. This model can in turn be used to unlock a device and other authentication needs as well.

Samsung Dual Under-display Camera Facial Recognition System Patent

The patent strictly mentions under-display cameras which is interesting as only Galaxy phones with the tech are foldables. This could mean Samsung is using the platform to experiment with new technologies.

However, it could also mean Samsung opted for under-display cameras in order to get the user’s angles from a wider angle range. Thus, we can expect Samsung to put a camera around the under-display fingerprint scanner area at the bottom of the display. Samsung might even combine the two optical modules into a single unit.

Pupil Size Scanning

The patent does not reveal much in detail about the system. But, the mockups show a normal phone with two under-display cameras – one at the top and one at the bottom.

Samsung Pupil Size Scan Patent

Likewise, the patent also covered pupil size measuring which can be used as an additional layer of security. Since the size of the pupil differentiates based on the lighting, this method can be used to avoid trickery via the use of pictures or masks.

Samsung Dual UDC Facial Recognition System: Launch and Availability

Just because Samsung applied for a patent does not guarantee that it will be used in actual products. While the concept is intriguing, it is currently only an idea and may still need years of work for commercial implementation. As a result, its possible launch remains unknown for the time being.

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