Samsung launches its latest AI EcoBubble washing machines in Nepal

Samsing EcoBubble Washing machines 2022 price in nepal
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Samsung Nepal has just announced the launch of four new washing machines from its 2022 lineup in Nepal. This new range of washing machines has AI and boasts a capacity of up to 8kg. This article will discuss the key specs, features, official prices, and availability of the 2022 lineup of Samsung EcoBubble washing machines in Nepal.

Samsung Washing Machine 2022 Lineup Overview:


As mentioned earlier, the newly announced washing machines fall under Samsung’s EcoBubble lineup. This technology creates a soapy foam that allows the water to penetrate clothes faster. As per Samsung, washing machines with AI EcoBubble can wash clothes at 15-degree Celsius as effectively as other ordinary products at 40-degree Celsius.

AI Control

The 2022 lineup of Samsung washing machines are compatible with SmartThings App. As a result, you can control them with your smartphones, TVs, and other Galaxy devices. Furthermore, they can also connect to Google Home and Alexa devices.

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These washing machines can schedule laundry and even suggest the most appropriate wash cycle. Likewise, you can even opt for Going Out Mode which extends the end time to avoid clothes being left in the washer for a long. Finally, there is the HomeCare Wizard feature that can home handy in detecting issues and troubleshooting them.

Hygiene Steam

As the name suggests, Hygiene Steam cleans clothes by exposing them to steam for 20 minutes. This is done by a heater only after water and detergent have been drained out.

Air Wash Technology

With the Air Wash Technology, Samsung 2022’s EcoBubble washing machines can remove bacteria and odors from clothes just with warm air. Since the process doesn’t involve water in any phase, users don’t have to wait for the clothes to dry. Samsung claim’s this technology can remove 99.9% of bacteria from clothes.

QuickDrive and Super Speed Cycle

QuickDrive and Super Speed Cycle are both designed to reduce washing time. The latter can wash a full load in an hour. When used alongside the QuickDrive, the washing machine can quickly wash a 5Kg load in just 40 minutes. Super Speed Cycle works by increasing the spin speed while QuickDrive equips Samsung’s fabric care drum with a pulsator for a quick dynamic wash.

Other features

You don’t have to scratch your head trying to figure out the right amount of detergent with the 2022 Samsung EcoBubble washing machine lineup. The Auto Dispense feature does it for you.

Furthermore, features like Stay Clean Drawer and Drum Clean/Clean+ help you clean the drawer and washer.

Samsung EcoBubble Washing Machine 2022 Price Nepal

Currently, there are four Samsung EcoBubble Washing machines (2022) available in Nepal with the price starting at Rs. 117,990. Samsung is offering a 1-year warranty on these washing machines as well as 10 years warranty on their DIT motors. You can even buy them at no cost EMI from select Samsung Smart Plazas.

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