Samsung unveils world’s first GDDR7 RAM with 1.5 TB/s transfer speed

Samsung Unveils GDDR7 RAM
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Samsung, the renowned tech giant, recently revealed its latest breakthrough in graphics RAM with the introduction of GDDR7. Building on the success of GDDR6, the new generation of graphics RAM promises 40% better and better power-efficient capabilities. These efficiencies take graphics performance to new heights.

Samsung GDDR7 RAM Overview: 

Transmission Speed

Samsung designed GDDR7 with the ability to transmit data at a stunning rate of 32Gbps per pin. If compared to its previous GDDR6’s 24Gbps, we surely notice a substantial improvement. This remarkable boost in speed translates to a total data transfer rate of 1.5 Terabytes per second. It typically marks a 40% increase over GDDR6’s 1.1 Terabytes per second.

Yongcheol Bae, Executive VP of Samsung’s Memory Product Planning Team, expressed enthusiasm for the potential of GDDR7 to enhance user experiences in areas that demand superior graphics performance.

PAM3 Technology and Energy Efficiency

The new GDDR7 adopted a 3-level Pulse Amplitude Modulation (PAM3) technology for speed improvisation. Cutting-edge tech like USB4 and Thunderbolt 5 also utilized this technology. GDDR7 is not only faster but it is also 20% more power-efficient compared to its predecessor. We can expect improved energy consumption during intensive tasks.

Samsung has developed a low-operating voltage variant of GDDR7 to cater to power-constrained devices like laptops. This innovation allows laptops and other similar devices to leverage the full potential of GDDR7 without compromising on battery life and power efficiency.

Enhanced Thermal Resistance

For the concerns related to heat, Samsung has enhanced the epoxy molding compound (EMC) encasing the RAM chips. The new EMC boasts 70% lower thermal resistance than the one used in GDDR6 packages. It ensures that heat is efficiently dissipated, leading to improved overall performance and longevity.

GDDR7 Availability

Samsung plans to send out samples of GDDR7 to its key customers later this year. This revolutionary graphics RAM opens up exciting possibilities for various applications, including workstations, PCs, and game consoles, as well as AI, HPC, and automotive vehicles.


Samsung is the first to announce the development of GDDR7 and has completed chip development. However, mass production is still in the works. Nevertheless, the collaboration and progress made by the industry in developing GDDR7 demonstrate the commitment to pushing the boundaries of graphics technology and its widespread impact in the future.