Report: Samsung knows why the Galaxy Note 7 exploded

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Samsung released the Galaxy Note 7 in September this year with high hopes. It had built a device that appeared perfect in every department.  Most people agreed that it was 2016’s best device. But all ended with an anticlimax, that is the fire and explosion fiasco. Samsung had to recall all devices it had sold, and then completely stop the production and distribution of the device.

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A Korean News agency, The Investor, has reported that Samsung knows the reason why Note 7 caught fire. The company had assured to explain the root cause of the Galaxy Note 7 explosion by the end of 2016 but so far the company has chosen to stay silent on the matter.

Few people had released their own theory on the matter. Some said that it was because of the slim phone and the pressurized poles of the battery, while others blamed the battery itself.

No one has any idea what might be the actual cause, but one can assume that it has something to do with the engineering department.

The report has claimed that Samsung has shared its findings with third-party laboratories such as the UL and Korea Testing Laboratory.

Mashable contacted Samsung Electronics North America and a company spokesperson said:

“While we have been conducting our own investigation, we have also been working together with independent third-party experts to re-visit every step of our engineering, manufacturing, and quality control processes. The investigations have been thorough and will take time, and we believe it would be premature to speculate at this point until all investigations are complete. Once the analysis is complete, we will communicate our findings transparently, definitively and quickly.”

So, when the time comes Samsung might release the reports, but we don’t know when exactly.

Samsung is currently concentrating on making its next flagship, the Galaxy S8 a success. Reports suggest the device with a new design will be launched in April 2017.