Siri now offers guides about the symptoms of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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COVID-19 is creating havoc around the world. People all over the world are in a state of a frenzy. What if the corona strikes me, what should I do and what not? Moreover, with so many fake rumors floating around, it is easy to get panicked by it. However, this is exactly the sort of situation where technology comes to your rescue. Tech giants around the world are trying their level best to help in any way they can to combat coronavirus. And now you can use Apple’s Siri to check for the coronavirus symptom in you.

A recent update to Siri has added a questionnaire of sorts about the coronavirus. You can simply call the digital assistant and ask “do I have coronavirus?”. Then you’ll be asked a series of yes-no questions by Siri to help determine whether the symptoms are related to COVID-19 or not. Moreover, it also guides people to the next step in case they have contracted the virus.

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Basically, Siri compares your answer to the ones stated in the guidelines by the “US Public Health Service in concert with the CDC”. Firstly, if you use this feature, you’ll be asked questions such as whether or not you are experiencing fever, dry cough and so. Answer yes for it, and the next question will be whether the symptoms are life-threatening. If yes, it’ll suggest you call 911 emergency services. However, if you’re unsure about it then still, it asks you to seek medical assistance. After all, why take risks, right?

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Answering no to these questions will prompt Siri to advise you to maintain social distance. This is the best a person can do from their side to help contain the spread of the virus. Moreover, Siri also offers a list of 10 services that one can reach out to in order to take advantage of telehealth services.