Smartphone brands in Nepal extend their products’ warranty period amidst the lockdown

smartphone warranty extended Nepal covid19 coronavirus pandemic
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The spread of the COVID-19 has taken a toll on our daily life. As a precautionary measure, the whole nation has been under lockdown for weeks now which has just complicated the way we handle problems that were normal otherwise. Say, you have a broken phone whose warranty ends during this lockdown. It’s a frustrating situation to be in and that is why the major smartphone brands have now extended the period of warranty of smartphones whose initial period will end during this lockdown.


Samsung is among the leading brands in Nepal, not just in the smartphone market but the whole of consumer electronics. I assume Samsung has been receiving a good number of calls from confused consumers who are worried about their warranty ending during the lockdown period. That is why Samsung has extended the warranty period of all consumer electronic and mobile products whose warranty expires/has expired in this lockdown period.

samsung warranty extended nepal

So, if you have a Samsung product whose warranty is due to expire between the period of March 24 and 20th April 2020, the new expiry date after the extension is 20 May 2020. It has also provided two toll-free numbers for users seeking any assistance.

  • NTC users: 166001-72667
  • Ncell users: 98015-72667

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Considering the present situation of the coronavirus outbreak and lockdown, Oppo Nepal decided to extend the warranty period of its product till May 22, 2020. As part of this scheme, all the products whose warranty has expired or will expire between March 22 and May 21 will be eligible for warranty till May 22, 2020.

Oppo extends warranty period amidst coronavirus spread smartphone brands

In case of any confusion, you can contact Oppo Nepal through [email protected].


TeleTalk Pvt. Ltd, the authorized distributor of Nokia phones in Nepal, has announced to extend the warranty period by 45 days. If your Nokia device’s warranty date was due to expire between March 15 and April 15, the warranty will count for an additional 45 days. This scheme is available for both features phone and smartphones.


Xiaomi is on a rise these days, especially in the budget and the mid-range market segment. But since the lockdown, all of their service centers have been closed. And the brand is trying to solve the problems of users by taking in complaints through Whatsapp and Viber. For this, you need to send a text to + 977-9843281581 in the format mentioned below.

Xiaomi extends warranty smartphone extends warranty period amidst coronavirus spred

You can claim your warranty using the same method which will be addressed after the lockdown ends.


In another announcement, Vivo Nepal has extended the warranty period for smartphones until May 23. It is applicable for all the Vivo smartphones (bought from Nepal) with warranties ending on March 22. All of the Vivo’s service centers have been closed due to the ongoing nation-wide lockdown. So, if you need any assistance you can contact Vivo Nepal via the following contact details :


Realme is comparatively a new name in the Nepalese market but its popularity is on a rise. With recent releases such as that of Realme X2, it has gathered quite a number of users in Nepal. In this state of crisis, Realme Nepal has extended the duration of all the smartphones whose warranty expires during this lockdown. The warranties of all those affected devices will be valid for 30 additional days from the end of the lockdown.

Realme nepal extended warrarnty lockdown covid19 coronavirus


So, were you worrying about your device’s warranty period? Did the news bring a feeling of relief to you? What else can the brands do for the convenience of the users? Let us know with your comments.

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