Sony’s Dashain Offer on Smart TV’s and Smartphones

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Nepa Hima Tradelink, the authorised distributors of Sony products in Nepal, has started its Dashain Offer campaign. On the auspicious occasion of Dashain, you’ll be getting cash back and free gift hampers on a wide range of Sony 4K TV’s and recently launched Sony Smartphones including Xperia X, Xperia X, and Xperia XA Ultra.

Sony 4K TV Series:


If you think about 4K TV’s, then Sony is probably the first name that pops in your head. If you have been wanting to buy a 4K TV, then this is the perfect time to do so.  On Sony 4K TV’s you’re getting cash back up to Rs.1,72,000 which is completely ridiculous, so make sure you get yourself one till the offer lasts. Not only there’s cash back offer, but you also get a home theater system that costs as high as 1lakh rupees on every purchase of 4K TVs.

Sony 4K Curve Series:


Curve displays are here to stay and from the looks of its popularity, it seems like the future of display. Curved TVs are a pleasure to look at, you get amazing viewing angles and it’ll give you a completely immersive experience if you’re a movie fanatic or if you love watching one of those Nat Geo nature shows. Here also you’re getting cash back up to 90 thousand and a free home theater system that’s worth as high as 50 thousand.

Sony Internet Series TV:


You can get Sony Internet Series Smart TVs as big as 60’inch.  If you want to stream online content without having to bother opening your laptop or PC this series is the perfect option for you. They are affordable as well functional so you don’t have to miss out on anything. You also get cash back offers up to 40 thousand and get free DVD players on selected products.

Sony Xperia Phones:


If the recent launch of Sony X Series phones have caught your attention but overwhelmed you with the price tag, then this is the perfect time to get your hands on those phones. Not only the X Series but you’re getting the discount on phones like the Xperia Z5 Dual, Xperia Z3 Compact, Xperia C4 Dual, Xperia M5 Dual, Xperia E4 Dual.

Xperia X MRP: Rs. 65,000 Offer Price: Rs. 58,500
Xperia XA MRP: Rs. 34,500 Offer Price: Rs. 30,000
Xperia XA ultra MRP: Rs. 48,500 Offer Price: Rs. 43,000
Xperia Z5 Dual MRP: Rs. 76,500 Offer Price: Rs. 64,000
Xperia Z3 Compact MRP: Rs. 56,000 Offer Price: Rs. 44,000
Xperia C4 Dual MRP: Rs. 28,500 Offer Price: Rs. 23,500
Xperia M5 Dual MRP: Rs. 41,500 Offer Price: Rs. 34,500
Xperia E4 Dual MRP: Rs. 11,500 Offer Price: Rs. 10,000

Other Products:


Despite TVs and Smartphones, you’re also getting discounted price on Sony Xperia Z3 Compact Tablet with the best buy of Rs.30,500. You also get a bundled offer on PS4, at the price of Rs.55,000 you get a PS4, 2 controllers and a game which looks like a pretty sweet deal.

The offer started from Bhadra 16 and will last up to 19th of Kartik.