PlayStation 5 Pro coming soon with improved RayTracing abilities!

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Sony PlayStation 5 Pro Rumors
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Unlike the Xbox which wonโ€™t be getting a mid-cycle update (“Xbox Series S Pro” or “Xbox Series X Pro”), it’s now confirmed that Sony is definitely working on a PlayStation 5 Pro. And there are already a bunch of details (including the launch date) for Sony’s upcoming console.

PlayStation 5 Pro Rumors:

A previous report by KeyToGaming revealed some interesting details about the PlayStation 5 Pro which touched a bit on improvements to the GPU and ray tracing abilities. But a new leak reported by ‘The Verge‘ has opened the floodgates regarding the upcoming PS5 Pro.ย 

CPU, GPU, and Memory Improvements

PS5 Pro, codenamed ‘Trinity’, will house a much more powerful GPU alongside a boosted mode for the CPU. According to the report, the new console will have an increased memory bandwidth and ship with faster memory as well.

Sony Playstation 5 Standard and Digital model edition

The new GPU will feature more Work Group Processors (WGP) and is up to ‘45% faster’ than the regular PS5. There’ll be a new “high CPU frequency” mode for the CPU to boost up to 3.85GHz, a 10% increase from the “standard” 3.5 GHz clock. This means more power draw for the CPU which will slightly affect the GPU performance (1% worse).

On the memory end, you get faster RAM with a 28.5% increase in clock speed from 14,000 MT/s to 18,000 MT/s. Alongside that,ย bandwidth is increased by nearly one-third to 576GB/s (from 448 GB/s) which means games will be able to use more memory for resources (up to 13.7 GB). Some amount of memoryย  (250Mb) will also be used by Sony’s upscaling technology which we’ll talk about later.

Raytracing all the way!

One of the major focus points for the PS5 Pro is going to be improved ray tracing abilities. For this, Sony is apparently using a “more powerful ray tracing architecture” on the upcoming Pro. Besides that, the upcoming console is also going to have a “custom architecture for machine learning” supporting up to 300TOPS of 8-bit computation. These architectural changes also support Sony’s PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution (PSSR).ย 

PSSR is an upscaling technology like DLSS, FSR, and xeSS and will help boost frame rates and improve graphical fidelity. Paired with the improved GPU and bandwidth, PSSR should provide a much better ray-tracing-enabled gaming experience to the current PS5. Sony allegedly stated around 2ms of latency while upscaling from 1080p to 4k and is working to support up to 8k resolution in the future.

Developers are warming up!

The article from Verge states that game developers can already order test kits and optimize for the console. Games sent for certification by developers till the month of August will likely be available upon launch. Developers are also expected to ship a single package/game for both the standard PS5 and PS5 Pro in the future. They can label their games with a “Trinity Enhanced” sticker (aka “PS5 Pro Enhanced”) if they “provide significant enhancements.โ€

PlayStation 5 Pro Launch Date and Availability

From what we know so far, Sony is planning to launch the PS5 Pro for the Holiday season of 2024. That means the console is likely to hit the markets in November. Looks like the vanilla PS5 or shall we say the ‘PS5 Slim’ is going to be sold alongside the Pro model.