CES 2022: Sony unveils Vision-S 02 concept SUV and its plans to enter the EV market

Sony Vision-S 02 unveiled
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Back in 2020, Sony surprised everyone by unveiling the Vision-S, its first electric vehicle (EV) prototype. Fast forward to today, the Vision-S is already being tested on roads—and Sony has just announced that it’s ready for the next adventure. During the ongoing CES 2022, the company showcased a concept SUV dubbed “Vision-S 02” with the intention to enter the EV market under the newly established Sony Mobility Inc. company.

Sony Vision-S 02 Overview:

Vision-S 02 is the second concept EV from Sony. It builds on the same EV and cloud platform as the Vision-S, but in a new form factor. Unlike its predecessor, Vision-S 02 is a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV).

If it ever makes it as a commercial product, Sony Vision-S 02 will have a maximum speed of over 112mph. Sony has visioned this EV as an All-Wheel Drive (AWD) vehicle with a length of 192.7-inches and a ground clearance of 6.2-inches. It will have a height of 65-inches and will weigh around 5,467 lbs (2,480 kg).

The AWD powertrain of Vision-S 02 will feature two electric motors, each of 200kW. Sony is opting for a double-wishbone suspension for the front, accompanied by an air spring system on the rear.

Moving on, the Vision-S 02 will have a total of 40 sensors, including Sony’s in-house cameras, radars, and LiDARs. This 360° sensor system can be used for monitoring the surroundings while driving, or during autonomous parking.

Sony Vision-S 02 S-Link Connectivity

Moreover, this EV will have 5G connectivity and users will also be able to control it remotely using Vision-S Link. Using the Time of Flight (ToF) sensors, it will be able to recognize the person inside and adjust temperature and other parameters as per his/her condition.

As for entertainment, Vision-S 02 will come equipped with 360 Reality Audio, Panoramic Screen, and various control systems. Sony even says that passengers at the back can play PlayStation games via a remote connection to a gaming console at home or use cloud to play streaming games.

Sony Vision-S 02 Specifications (Preliminary):

  • Drive: All-Wheel Drive (AWD)
  • Dimension (L x H x W): 192.7 x 65.0 x 76.0-inches
  • Weight: 5,467 lbs
  • Wheelbase: 119.3-inches
  • Ground Clearance: 6.2-inches
  • Tire Size:
    • Front: 255/50R20
    • Rear: 275/45R20
  • Passengers: 4/7
  • Power: 2x 200kW (front / rear)
  • Axle System: Double Wishbone front & rear Air Spring system

Sony Mobility Inc.

It’s finally official—Sony is finally entering the electric vehicle market. Like I mentioned earlier, the company will do so with the launch of Sony Mobility Inc. in the spring of 2022. It will be interesting to see what Sony, which sees itself as a creative entertainment company, has to offer to the blooming EV arena.

As of now, Sony has not confirmed it will be entering the market as a manufacturer or a supplier of self-driving technology.

  • Check out the concept video of the Sony Vision-S 02 SUV.