This Step On Your Cellphone Can Save Your life

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A Recent research conducted by American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) suggests that listing a family member or friend in your mobile phone contacts as “ICE” (In Case of Emergency) could help medical staffs contact someone who can give them info if you’re unconscious or unable to communicate during a medical emergency.

ACEP says paramedics, nurses, and doctors are “increasingly aware” that patients are using ICE numbers and will browse in your contacts. So, it is highly recommended you have at least two ICE contacts. Save these in your phone as “ICE – 1” and “ICE – 2,” etc. To be more specific, list the contact’s relationship to you, such as “ICE – didi”—but always start it with “ICE.”


In case you lock your phone with pin number or pattern for security reasons, always list you ICE info in an emergency contact app which places your ICE numbers on the lock screen.

This practice could be very useful during medical emergencies. Since Institute of Medicine, Nepal is yet to practice such rules, and it is highly likely that Nepalese medical staffs are unaware of such info. So, we urge all the viewers of this post to convey this message by sharing it on their Facebook/Twitter wall.

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