Understanding Gyro sensor or Gyroscope

understanding gyro sensor
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Nowadays, smartphones have procured many hardware components, which have made them a powerful device. Going through the specs, we are often perplexed with the features it includes and the sensors inbuilt in it. Having many sensors on your device is good as it makes your multifunctional in many respects. However, to be able for the optimum utilization of your smartphone, you must have a sound knowledge of the sensors. One of such sensors, which often keep us bewildered, is Gyro sensor or Gyroscope.

What is Gyro sensor or Gyroscope?

Gyro sensor is one of the types of a motion sensor. Motion sensors are the sensors, which senses the movements, such as tilt, shake, rotation, or swing. Gyro sensors are the type of sensors used to sense the angular rate or angular velocity. Gyro sensors can sense rotational motion and changes in orientation and therefore augment motion. Vibration gyro sensors can sense angular velocity due to the Coriolis force applied to a vibrating element. This motion produces a potential difference from which angular velocity is sensed. The angular velocity results in an electrical signal output.

How it differs with an Accelerometer?

The main difference of Gyroscope with the Accelerometer is that an Accelerometer does not sense the rotation, however, a Gyro sensor does.

An accelerometer is a compact device capable of measuring non-gravitational acceleration. When a stationary device comes into motion, the Accelerometer feels the vibrations. The accelerometer is designed to respond to the vibrations associated with such movement. However, a gyro sensor is a device that uses Earth’s gravity to determine orientation.

An accelerometer is capable of determining the changes in velocity and changes in position. However, a gyro sensor measures either change in orientation or changes in rotational velocity.

What are the uses of Gyro sensor in your phone?

Having a Gyro sensor on your device serves the following privileges:

  1. With a different set of motion of your device, you will be able to assign different task to your device. Shaking your phone to lock your device will be an example.
  2. The effect of vibrations will be less while capturing photos or videos.
  3. When the phone rotates, the view changes its orientation.
  4. Angular motion in a Mobile Game by 3D motion of the device.
  5. Smooth rotations and functional execution of various commands in the game by 3D Motion.
  6. Because of the Gyro sensor on your phone, your device supports virtual reality (VR).

How to find if your phone has a Gyro sensor or Gyroscope?

To confirm the presence of gyro sensor on your phone you can download an app named CPU-Z  from the Google play. After installing the app and clicking on the sensors tab, all the sensors on your device will be right before your eyes. This includes the Gyro sensor or Gyroscope as well. You can download the app here.