You can now pay vehicle tax straight from the Nagarik app

    Vehicle renewal service from Nagarik App
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    Nagarik App is an initiation from the Nepal Government to simplify the life of Nepalese by providing Governmental service to their fingertips. The app already has a list of services like PAN registration, Malpot, and others in it. Similarly, the government has now added a vehicle renewal service to the Nagarik App. 

    Vehicle renewal service from Nagarik App:

    With vehicle renewing service coming to the app, the public will be able to update their vehicle’s bluebook online without having to stand in long queues. 

    From Bagmati

    The Nagarik app now has a ‘Vehicle Tax’ option in it. In its first phase, you will be able to pay the tax of vehicles that are registered in Bagmati province only. That means individuals from the remaining six provinces should wait until a similar service goes official for them. 

    Meanwhile, if your vehicle is registered at the Transport Management office of Bagmati, then you can use the service with ease. 

    How to pay?

    To pay the tax, you must first update the app, if you have one, or download it from the Google Play Store or Apple store. Then navigate to the Vehicle Tax option on the landing dashboard. However, before continuing with the process, ensure that you have completed all of the prerequisites of enrolling yourself in the app.

    Nagarik App Interface with Vehicle Tax feature


    Then you will be asked to enter details like the province, vehicle types, lot number, and so on. Following that, you will see a screen with the payable tax amount. You may then use the app to pay the tax.

    Final Words

    As new features make their way into the Nagarik app, the government should now work on making it widely acceptable at government offices and other institutions. This should’ve gone without saying but there have been multiple reports of government offices or banks demanding physical documents even after the Nagarik app has gone live. Only after resolving this, would the dream of paperless governance come true.

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