Vivo showcases its Ultimate Gaming Upgrade at the PUBG Mobile Club Open Championship

vivo multi turbo engine
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All the avid PUBG lovers out there, if you own a Vivio NEX, you might just have struck a gold mine. Though released last June, the Vivio NEX S was a groundbreaking phone in its own right. Big display, coupled with a powerful chipset. What more to ask of, right? Well, with its new update, the phone tries to deliver something extra to its users.

After the launch of Vivo NEX, the company developed its new OS to support the Multi-Turbo engine. It’s a software booster that elevates the phone’s performance. Eventually, this update is what led the company to partner up with the PUBG Mobile Club Open Championship. The event took place this weekend in Berlin and all the 16 finalists were, in fact, using the Vivo NEX in the grand finale. This shows the power of the Multi-Turbo engine and the Turbo mode available in the NEX smartphones.

vivo nex vivo mobile club tournament

Basically, the Multi-Turbo engine is a series of software boosters that improve the mobile gaming experience. The Game Turbo in turbo mode connects to the game performance SDK. As a result, specific optimizations are enabled for popular mobile games such as PUBG and many more. However, it must be noted that the software booster does push the devices’ components into overdrive.

Specific prioritization of CPU and internal storage is provided by the Center Turbo while playing games. This eventually helps to reduce lag by almost 78%. In addition to that, there’s the Cooling turbo. The Cooling turbo has thermal management capabilities that help reduce the thermal throttling of the device. All these software boosts and no AI, that doesn’t sound quite right does it? Well, obviously AI is in the mix too. The AI Turbo, as the name suggests, intelligently allocates CPU and GPU power while gaming.

All the finalists in this PUBG tournament also had the Turbo mode feature that specifically optimizes display for PUBG. It supports HDR+ extreme and delivers a stable high frame rate.

So a normal smartphone with software boosters that is optimum for mobile gaming. Does this mean no need for gaming smartphones at all? Well, it is too soon to come to such conclusions. However, with its use in a major gaming event and well-received response from the users, it just might present a case for itself.