Unleash the inner photographer in you with Vivo’s new #vivographer campaign

Honor X9b Ad
Honor X9b Ad

Photography has gotten a lot, lot accessible to the masses, thanks to the innovation in the area of mobile photography. You can take portraits of yourself, gather up the gang into a single wide-angle shot, shine your pearly white teeth even in low-light situations, or even take a close-up of that ant carrying away a block of sugar, all from a phone that costs about a quarter of the flagship phones.

But of course, there’s a vast difference between mobile photography and photography in general. Carrying all that weight and the intricate settings within obviously give you a much better output compared to what you get from modern-day smartphones. However, not everyone’s an avid photographer who will walk around with a hefty camera on them just to take photos. For such people, mobile photography works just fine.

Team photo of the officials of the #vivographer campaign.

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And now, with the vision to mold these two similar yet contrasting genres together, Vivo is launching the #vivographer campaign. With the “Visit Nepal 2020” fiesta just around the corner, this initiative hopes to promote & motivate local photographers and Nepal tourism in a single effort. Though #vivographer has already kicked off in India for some time now, Vivo Nepal is set to get this underway from 8th December 2019 in Nepal.

Remember, it is #vivographer. Singular. Not #vivographers.

Vivo’s phones have always been known for its great design and excellent camera performance. So it makes sense why Vivo would come up with a photography-driven campaign.

The first step…

In the initial stage, Vivo Nepal has handpicked 5 photographers from Nepal who excel in different areas of photography as its “vivographers”. With time, the company hopes to take this number to thousands or more.

First 5 vivographers for Nepal. (I didn’t make that typo btw)

Across the campaign, these vivographers will capture Nepali landscapes and whatnots using a flagship Vivo phone (most likely the V17 Pro), which will be shared through Vivo’s official account on multiple social networking sites. Other photographers and enthusiasts can join in on the action by uploading a photo using the #vivographer hashtag. Thus, your creation will reach a bigger audience and maybe, you’ll also turn a few heads along the way too. The ultimate goal here is to create an active and conjoined Nepalese community of photographers and mobile photographers.

It is good to see that a company is coming up with such ideas to promote local talents. I wish all the luck to Vivo Nepal and all the people in/directly involved in the campaign and hope it’s a staggering success!

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