Why Smartphones these days don’t have MicroSD expansion slot?

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These days most of the smartphones don’t have a microSD card expansion slot. It’s a great feature to have in a smartphone, yet manufacturers keep on avoiding it. There are few reasons why companies do it. Here are some of them:

  1. To earn more money 

    Most often what smartphone manufacturers do is they launch several versions of the product. One comes with a lower storage while the other comes with a higher storage. Customer will have to pay $50 to $200 extra if they wish to buy a higher storage. They don’t include a microSD card slot, so we will left with no choice other than to pay an extra to get the higher version. This was primarily the strategy of Apple’s iPhone, which was followed by other manufacturers like Samsung and Xiaomi.

  2. Poor Performance of MicroSD cards

    According to Xiaomi’s VP Hugo Barra, MicroSD cards are vulnerable to failure and in a most cases malfunction in various conditions. Some of the issues caused by microSD cards reported by Android smartphones users are app crashing and loss of data.
    Also, Considering that there are lots of low-quality microSD cards available in the market that can lead to poor performance. If you are a tech savvy, we suggest you invest on Class 10 microSD cards.

  3. Cloud Storage as a solution

    When your internal storage run out, the only solution is to backup your photos and videos on Cloud. By removing the microSD card feature, it will be a lot easier for cloud storage provider (some of which are smartphone manufacturer) to market their product to consumers. Although most of us here in Nepal don’t pay for the cloud storage because of egregious internet speed, there are substantial customers in the west who pay a monthly fee to enroll for a cloud service.

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