WOW Time introduces subscription based service

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The idea of getting to watch live TV anywhere and anytime using your smartphone with the help of cellular data and WIFI is fun and interesting. NTC’s app, WOW Time was launched for quite a time now, enabling its users to get access to television services on their mobile phones. The service, however, was free for the NTC users until festivities ended. But, now that the celebrations are over, the free subscription has also ended!

Yes, NTC has started its subscription-based service for WOW Time from the 14th of November, 2017. WOW Time has launched its most awaited packages and has started its subscription-based video service for all premium channels and has also introduced live TV and youtube data pack for NT 3G/4G users. All the Nepali channels, movies, FM and videos still remain free of subscription, while all the premium channels are subject to subscription charges.

WOW Time Subscription Charges

Time Cost
24 hours Rs.24
7 days Rs.90
30 days Rs.250

Data pack details:

MB Cost
500 MB (Valid for 7 days) Rs.60
1GB (Valid for 14 days) Rs.100

The WOW Time app has upgraded from its previous version and with the introduction of subscription and data charges; we hope there has been an improvement in the content section too. The company says subscription is only valid for all premium live TV channels while all Nepali channels, FM, movies, and videos still remain free of charges. The fees so charged seem reasonable and the fact that there still is some stuff for free is not too bad.

For those who are not aware, WOW Time is an IPTV service in Nepal commenced by NTC for NTC users only that allows its users to get access to multi-entertainment features, like, live TV channels, FM, Movies, and videos on demand,  using WIFI or cellular data on your smartphone whenever and wherever you want.

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