Xiaomi ROIDMI B1 launched in Nepal: Detachable Anti Blue Light Glasses for Eye Protection

Xiaomi Roidmi B1 price in Nepal
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There is a huge portfolio of Xiaomi products in Nepal. Even excluding the popular Redmi and MI smartphones, there is a whole another bunch of smart electronic devices from Xiaomi to ascertain efficient day-to-day chores. Now adding a new title to the list, Xiaomi has welcomed protective glasses to fight against the blue lights from the displays/screens (smartphone and laptops’ displays). The new device costs Rs. 6,999 and comes with the name of Xiaomi Roidmi B1. It possesses a specially designed construction to reflect away the blue lights before reaching the eyes and ensures the protection of it.

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With the advancements in technology, we have been notoriously inclined to the screen/displays of digital devices like smartphones and computers. The increasing use of such devices and because of the exposure to such screens, our eyes feel fatigue on one or more occasions. Not just the dry eyes and blurry visions, the blue light from the displays affects our natural circadian rhythm, disrupts hormones, triggers memory problems, reduces muscle strength and increases the risk of chronic diseases like diabetes and obesity. So, it is really necessary to quarantine our eyes from the dark effects of blue lights.

Avoiding the use of such digital devices could be a way to evade the effects. However, these things have been means of communication and entertainment these days and avoiding their use is barely possible. So, through Xiaomi Roidmi B1, Xiaomi come up with a fancy idea of anti blue-light glasses to protect the eyes without spoiling the fun while using smartphones and computers.

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Xiaomi Roidmi B1 acquires a fashionable look and possesses glasses with 9-layer coated lens. With such construction, the spectacles resist the penetration of blue lights, UV-rays and other types of radiations and harmful rays through the glasses and protect our eyes. The spectacles possess top material and fine workmanship and go through 18 technological processes to ensure a product of superior quality. In addition, the Roidmi B1 is light in weight with a mere mass of 20 grams.

Xiaomi Roidmi B1 is modular in design. It has detachable ear-stems and nose pads and switching to standard version or sports version is usually hassle-free. It has got flexible ear-stems, so fits on every on every person and ensures a cozy sensation. Roidmi B1 is a unisex product and can be used by both masculine and feminine population.

Features of Xiaomi Roidmi B1 in Nutshell

  • Ensures eye protection from blue-light and other harmful lights from computer, TV, LED, etc
  • Lightweight (20 grams) and comfortable to wear; Fashionable design
  • Detachable and flexible ear-stems and nose pads; standard version and sports version for the handy use on different occasions
  • 9-layer coated lens, 99.9% UV-protection rate, 35% Blue-light proof rate
  • 18 technological processes during manufacture
  • TR90 frame and resin lens, top material and fine workmanship
  • Specially designed for those who use digital products for a long time

Xiaomi Roidmi B1 comes with:

  • A pair of standard glasses arms
  • Pair of fat style glasses arms
  • A pair of adjustable nose piece
  • A portable glasses box
  • A piece of Japan imported superfine fiber glasses cloth
  • Price of Xiaomi Roidmi B1: Rs. 6,999

Where to buy?

If you liked the product, you can contact any of the Xiaomi showrooms. The Xiaomi showrooms in the Kathmandu valley are located in New Road, Patan, and Pulchowk. There is more information below:

  • Mi Showroom, Pako Newroad (Opposite of Tamrakar complex)
    Tel: 01-4251672 / Mob: 9801100585
  • Mi Showroom, 2nd Floor, Labim Mall, Pulchowk, Patan
    Tel: 01-5530604 / Mob: 9801123192
  • Mi Showroom, Pulchowk- Damkal Chowk
    Tel: 01-5009024 / Mob: 9801123363

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