Nepali Airplane companies ban Samsung Galaxy Note 7

With the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 already banned by international airlines, Nepali airplane companies have started to ban the device too.

With international airplane companies already banning the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Nepal’s leading airplane companies, Yeti Airlines and Buddha Air, have followed the trend by banning use of the device in their airplanes.

Samsung is dealing with an immense pressure ever since the release of the Galaxy Note 7. There have been reports of the Galaxy Note 7 exploding almost everywhere. Samsung was quick to react by issuing a global recall of the Note 7. However, this step has resulted in the company losing billions of dollars.

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Most of the international airlines functioning in Nepal have already banned the Note 7. And Yeti Airlines and Buddha Air have been the first to react among the Nepali Airline companies.

Both the companies have requested their customers to turn off their Galaxy Note 7 when on board. The users of the device will have to carry their Note 7 in their hand luggage with the companies stating that keeping it inside their luggage is completely restricted. You can read other rules in the pictures below:

Yeti Airlines' bulletin on the ban of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.
Yeti Airlines’ press release regarding the ban of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.
Buddha Air’s press release regarding the ban of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

The two companies have taken this step even though Samsung has started releasing a new batch of Galaxy Note 7 that reportedly doesn’t have battery problems. However, there have been reports of the device’s battery capacity decreasing and overheating in Korea.

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Samsung is set to release the Galaxy Note 7 on 7th October 2016 in India. The company was previously releasing the Galaxy Note 7 in Nepal before Dashain. But with all this battery fiasco, it looks as though the company will release the device after the festival. You can, however, buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in the gray markets for more than Rs. 1,20,000.