Apple is reportedly working on a next-gen iPad Air already

Apple iPad air rumors
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Apple might finally launch a successor to the 2020 iPad Air 5 later this year. The exciting news comes up from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who has a pretty good track record at predicting Apple launches. The details regarding the exact release date of the iPad Air 6, but Gurman’s insights provide a glimpse into Apple’s ongoing efforts to enhance this mid-range tablet.

Apple iPad Air 6 Rumors

Gurman highlights that the upcoming launch of the M3 chip-powered Macs could potentially take place in October. However, it looks like there aren’t any significant upgrades coming to the iPad lineup this year.

Gurman’s newsletter states, “For those wondering about the iPad — another product that typically gets refreshed in October — I wouldn’t expect any major upgrades until the M3 iPad Pros with OLED screens arrive next year.”

He mentions the development of an iPad Air model with boosted specifications, but further details are not provided currently.

Previous Update to iPad Air

The previous model of the iPad Air was last updated in March 2022, with notable features such as the M1 chip, and an upgraded 12 MP front camera with Center Stage support.

Also, a faster USB-C port, 5G support for cellular models, and an expanded range of color options. Its pricing starts at $599 for the 64GB storage variant in the United States. Likewise, the iPad Air continues to offer consumers a compelling mid-range tablet experience.

Apple iPad Air 5 (2022) Display


As for the upcoming sixth-generation iPad Air, the exact details of its new features remain unknown. However, potential enhancements could include the integration of the M2 chip, a Thunderbolt port similar to the iPad Pro. The anticipation builds as Apple’s commitment to innovation and user experience promises an exciting future for the iPad Air series. Apple’s continuous efforts to refine and elevate its products undoubtedly create anticipation for what lies ahead in the realm of the sixth-generation iPad Air.

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