Apple is working on a Mac monitor that doubles as a Smart Home Display

Apples External Monitor Mac Smart Home
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A recent report by renowned tech journalist Mark Gurman of Bloomberg hints at Apple developing a new external monitor for Mac computers with the ability to function as a smart home display. This exciting feature has caught the attention of tech enthusiasts, who are waiting for Apple’s entry into the smart home arena.

Apple Mac Monitor with Smart Home Display Rumors:

According to sources, the upcoming monitor from Apple will have smart home capability along with a traditional display for Mac users. This means that they will be able to control and interact with their smart home appliances directly through their monitor — enabling a better and more efficient user experience.

Integration of iOS device chipset

Apple’s upcoming smart display will be powered by an in-house Bionic chipset. This integration is not surprising, considering the company uses the A13 chip on the Studio Display. Studio Display’s software intelligence focuses on camera and speaker system enhancements like Center Stage and Spatial Audio.

But, the exciting prospect of the smart display will lie in its ability to serve as a smart home device in a low-power mode. The recently introduced StandBy feature in iOS 17 offers a full-screen experience while charging the iPhone sideways. This could provide a glimpse into the software that might be utilized for the smart display.

iOS 17 standby feature

StandBy allows users to conveniently view glanceable information from a distance, making it ideal for placement on nightstands, counters, and desks. It offers personalization options such as clock styles, favorite photos, and widgets (including Smart Stacks). It also supports Live Activities, Siri, calls, and larger notifications. The user interface of the StandBy feature in iOS 17 appears to be a natural fit for a dedicated hardware device like the smart display.

Anticipation and Future Outlook

Apple’s development into smart home technology doesn’t stop at the monitor. Reports also suggest that the company is exploring other monitor options, possibly as successors to the Pro Display XDR and Apple Studio Display. This indicates Apple’s commitment to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation and delivering cutting-edge products to its customers. With the promise of a powerful display coupled with smart home capabilities, Apple aims to redefine the way we interact with our devices and homes.

Expected Release Date of Mac Smart Monitor

The company has not disclosed the specific details and release date for the monitor. However, industry analysts speculate it may take until next year before the monitor becomes available to the public. Until then, tech enthusiasts can look forward to a future where their Mac experience extends beyond work and productivity. Additionally, embracing the convenience and possibilities of smart home technology.