There might be an “Ultra” iPhone in 2024

iPhone Ultra Rumors
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Apple iPhones are widely regarded as among the best smartphones money can buy. Running on its own OS, chip, and ecosystem, Apple has granular control over its smartphones.  Now, to maintain its dominance, Apple may release an “Ultra” version of the iPhone in 2024. Let’s learn more about iPhone Ultra and its speculations in this article.

Apple’s plan for the “Ultra” iPhone:

Apple has been offering its flagship lineup of iPhones in regular, Plus, Pro, and Pro Max monikers in the present time. The regular and Plus models depict identical specs with the latter getting a bigger screen. The scenario is the same with the Pro and Pro Max version.

iPhone 14 Pro Max

Thus, if rumors are to be believed, the “Ultra” will be the fifth iPhone model in the lineup. Apple has used the Ultra moniker for its MacBooks, M1 Ultra chip, and most recently, the Apple Watch Ultra. So it should come as no surprise that there can be an Ultra iPhone.

According to Mark Gurman’s newsletter on Bloomberg, Tim Cook said on Apple’s earnings call “that people are willing to really stretch to get the best they can afford in that category” in response to investors’ questions about whether the iPhone’s rising average price was sustainable.

What to expect?

The iPhone Ultra will undoubtedly have top-tier specs on all sides. However, it’s unclear what features an “Ultra” device actually might include. Gurman speculates that it “will probably offer further camera improvements, a faster chip, and possibly an even larger display.”

Similarly, with the EU making it mandatory to include a USB-C port on phones, the Ultra iteration will likely include one for charging. Otherwise, according to market speculation, Apple may forgo port entirely in favor of wireless charging.

iPhone Ultra Launch (Expected)

As for the launch, Mark Gurman says the company may release its first iPhone Ultra in 2024. Thus, we may first see it in iPhone 16 series. Many are also speculating that the iPhone Ultra will compete with Samsung’s top-tier Galaxy Ultra series. We will update the article as and when more information about the smartphone becomes available.

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