Apple to celebrate 10th anniversary of Watch series with ambitious “Watch X”

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If the rumors are true, Apple will be unveiling the Watch Series 9 anytime soon. Based on a recent report by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple’s upcoming collection of smartwatches will introduce minor improvements. However, there are ongoing efforts behind the scenes to develop a significant upgrade called “Watch X” to mark the smartwatch’s series 10th anniversary. This article will discuss the possible upgrades in upcoming smartwatches and the potential introduction of the special Apple Watch X.

Apple Watch X Series Overview:

Apple smartwatches these days

In recent times, Apple’s smartwatches have seen comparatively fewer upgrades compared to their iPhones. For instance, the previous Series 8, launched last year, introduced a body temperature sensor, while prior improvements included a larger screen. Going back a bit further, the Series 6 featured a faster chip and a blood-oxygen reader.

Apple Watch Series 8 - Temperature Sensor

Hence, Apple’s strategy involves not yearly upgrades to tempt people to buy new watches. It aims to attract newcomers to smartwatches and those with older models, including users of Samsung and Fitbit wearables. Because of this, the design evolution of the Apple Watch has been gradual, with all watches looking alike from Series 4.

Looking ahead, the Apple Watch Series 9, anticipated to be revealed alongside the upcoming iPhone 15 on September 12, will probably have enhancements only in processor speed and fresh color choices.

What to expect from Apple Watch X?

According to reports, Apple’s designers are planning big improvements, like a microLED screen for better colors and clearer display, and adding technology to measure blood pressure for Watch X. They’re also working on making the Watch X’s case slimmer and rethinking how the bands attach. Right now, bands slide into the watch and lock. This setup works with different models; even so, it uses space that could fit a bigger battery or more parts. Hence, Apple will probably be using the magnetic system to attach bands instead.

When will the Apple Watch X be ready to buy?

Apple entered the smartwatch market in 2015, and now that the 10th anniversary is approaching, there’s speculation that the Watch X might be released in either 2024 or 2025. Until then, Apple is likely to make small updates to the other models to maintain customer interest in their products.