Our pick of the best Android Apps for 2018

best apps of 2018
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What are the most used apps on your phone? Apart from Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and the mainstream ones… Besides these, there aren’t probably many apps that you use. But if you are looking for some good apps to explore, you’ve come to the right place. This is our pick of the Best Android Apps for 2018.

Actually, not all of these apps are from 2018. This list contains much older apps as well, but are still relevant and popular today. And all of them are free Android apps. Some are fun, while some are just generally useful. So, here they are:

1) Snapseed

snapseed app

This might not be new to you at all. This app made debut back in 2012, and to this day, it still remains one of the best photo editing apps for your phone. While you can get apps like Photoshop and Lightroom as well, they’re very comprehensive. And this one, is simple and pretty easy to use, which is one of its best features. The app features 29 tools and filters to apply on your phone, and are easily accessible.

The only difficulty you might have is the number of overwhelming options inside each tool. But of course, there is an Auto Adjustment feature for each one which makes your job easier. In addition, it also saves your recent preferences for you to use in your next edit.

Due to all of this, this age old app is still on our list of Best apps of 2018.

2) Bored Button

bored button app

If you tend to play a lot of games on your phone, then, this one is for you. Downloading a lot of games can be quite tedious, and occupy a lot of space on your device. But with this, you get a whole lot of games within a single app. And the app works just like its name. You have a button which you press if you get bored playing the game over and over. And then, you’re welcomed with a new game! Every time you press the button, there’s a new game waiting for you. But the catch is that only works when you have an internet connection.

There’s also an option to save any game for offline if you like it. You get games of various genres – from arcade to puzzle games, and you’ll be shown games based on your preferences. But if you’re into graphic intensive games like Asphalt and PUBG, this may not be for you. It is an app that satisfies your wandering mind.

3) Alarmy

An alarm app that is quite popular…sounds strange? Well, yes, but you have to give it to the creators. This app was also introduced back in 2012. It’s an app that will wake you up no matter what. For those who can’t seem to get up in the morning, this app features super annoying loud alarms that have to be turned off with quite the effort.

You can choose how to turn your alarm while setting it up. By default, you can choose to solve math problems. But a fun feature is that there is also an option for you to turn off your alarm by taking a picture of something. For instance, if you choose your bathroom, you have to get up and take a picture of your bathroom to turn the alarm off every time. All of that makes it super annoying, and ensures you get up, but that is the whole purpose of an alarm, isn’t it?

4) Shortly

shortly app

This one is for you readers out there…those who love to read. More so, for those who love to read but can’t seem to find the time to go through long stories or entire books. And just like its name, the app lets you read short articles – mostly stories, but also some essays and monologues from various writers. That’s the whole point of the app, but that is the best part.

When you open the app, you can choose between 1 minute, 3 minute or 5 minute reads, depending on the amount of time you have. When you pick one and finish, you can click the next button to immediately begin reading another story of similar length. There is also an option to share the story through your social media handles, but the recipient also needs to have the app to read it though. There are options to change the theme colors as well. It is a very simple app, but one that is difficult to put down once you get started with it.

5) StopAd

stop ad app

This is an that does what it’s name says – stops advertisements in your online viewing experience. Well, it does not block all kinds of ads that you get, but mostly pop-ups and ad-links, and also other elements like images as well. This can be helpful while browsing on data. The app also “blocks” ads on YouTube in the sense that it blocks the ads with its own logo until you can skip them.

Also, while it is turned on, it uses its own VPN. Hence, it protects you from malware and your privacy as well. It blocks Ad trackers as well as Social Media trackers to keep your browsing behavior and social media behavior private. There is also a paid version which can also help against Phishing and Malware attacks. So, it is a ad-blocker and a small-scale security app as well.

So, these were the Best Android Apps of 2018 for us. If you have any other apps that you would recommend, do let us know.