Digital Gurkha, a leading Nepali digital platform with wide range of online courses

Digital Gurkha E-Learning Platform
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Digital Gurkha is one of the leading digital platforms in Nepal, revolutionizing the education pattern with a wide choice of online courses. The platform currently offers 29 courses with the main focus on technical skills, investment-related courses, soft skills, and creative courses. You can check the available courses at the website of Digital Gurkha itself. The speakers at Digital Gurkha are also quite active on social media platforms like TikTok with some interesting information and insights. You can check the available courses at the website of Digital Gurkha itself.

Digital Gurkha Overview:

Digital Gurkha was founded in 2017 with zero initial capital. It started operating from a single room with two members. After the recognizable growth, Ullekh Niraula took the initiative to obtain a loan for capital for the company’s long-term success. Ullekh Niraula is the co-found and former CEO at Digital Gurkha who, then is the driving force behind the company.

Enrollment Price and Offers

The courses on Digital Gurkha are quite affordable and the platform even offers a wide range of free courses. Under premium options, the price starts from Rs. 100 and goes up to to Rs. 2,000. Currently, there are some attractive offers of up to 90% off within some courses. These paid courses provide learners with detailed and practical insights in their respective fields. They are provided by the experts and upon completion, the learners also receive the certificates.

More than a Course Provider

Furthermore, Digital Gurkha is more than a digital course provider. They also facilitate job-engaging conversations with industry experts. Well-known figures such as Anushka Shrestha (Miss Nepal, 2019, Co-founder & CEO of Makkuse), Shailendra Raj Giri (MD, Mero Job), Amit Sharma (HR Head, Laxmi Bank), Manohar Adhikari (Founder of Foodmandu), Yuvraj Shrivastava (Chief of HR, Ncell), Euden Koirala (Head of people, WaterAid UK), Sameer M Dixit (Scientist, Media Person), share their valuable insights and experiences.

In conclusion, the Digital Gurkha is committed to empowering youth and making an accessible high-quality education important for this digital era. By offering such affordable courses, job-engaging conversations, and catering to the needs of different learners, the platform is playing an important role, in bridging the gap between the demand for skilled professionals and the shortage of job-ready individuals in the country.

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