DishHome customers can now enjoy 25 Mbps internet for just Rs. 233/month

DishHome FiberNet on Lifestyle HD Package 10 25 Mbps
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Nepal’s internet market witnessed a great shift in the balance after CG Communications introduced CG Net. DishHome, which is another relatively new player in the country’s internet space has announced 10 Mbps and 25 Mbps FiberNet plans at minimal cost for customers who subscribe to their Lifestyle HD Package.

DishHome FiberNet Plan for Lifestyle HD Package: 

The company’s journey began as a satellite television provider and recently expanded into the ISP industry in Nepal. As part of a combo deal, DishHome is offering 25 Mbps internet for just Rs. 233 a month, as well as a free 10 Mbps FTTH connection. But as mentioned earlier, this offer is only available to the subscribers of DishHome’s Lifestyle HD package.

How to subscribe

Here, the Lifestyle HD package costs Rs. 600 per month where 10 Mbps internet is bundled for free. Its yearly subscription costs Rs. 7,200 and about the satellite TV package itself, you’re getting 62 HD and 138 SD channels.

Similarly, if you add Rs. 233 per month to the Lifestyle HD bundle, you can enjoy an increased bandwidth to 25 Mbps. To note, while setting up a new connection, you will need to pay a one-time charge for a refundable deposit, cable, and router.

Price Internet
DishHome Lifestyle HD Package Rs. 600 10 Mbps
DishHome Lifestyle HD Package Rs. 600 + 233 25 Mbps
Router Charge Rs. 1,000 (1 month), Rs. 500 (3/6/12 months)
Drop Wire Rs. 500 (1/3/6 months), Free (12 months)
Refundable Deposit Rs. 500

DishHome FiberNet Coverage

The company’s internet service is already available in about 90% of Kathmandu Valley, with plans to extend it to the remaining areas within two months. It is also available in Hetauda, Itahari, and Inaruwa, and will be expanded to major cities throughout the country by 2021. Moreover, DishHome has stated that it’ll soon introduce 150 and 200 Mbps internet packages as well.

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