DJI Spark: DJI’s smallest and lightest drone controlled by hand gestures

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DJI, the company that comes first to anyone’s mind while thinking about a drone, has announced its smallest and lightest drone yet. Well, this announcement didn’t come as a surprise since we already shared in our last post that DJI will be announcing it’s selfie drone on May 24. DJI already impressed the drone-maniacs with the release of smaller yet powerful Mavic Pro last year. And, this new drone takes the thrill to a whole new level. The best thing about this drone is its portability with the weight and size of a soda can.

DJI Spark: Everything you need to know

The first thing you need to know about DJI Spark is its new control feature that lets you control the drone with hand gestures. So, you can simply make the drone fly to the right, left, back and front with respective hand gestures. Plus, you can also take a selfie with the help of shoot gesture using both of your hands.

While controlling the DJI Spark using gestures, the drone won’t go any further than 10feet away from you. To increase the flying distance of the drone you’ve to switch to either smartphone-controlled flying or remote-controlled flying that will let you fly it up to 300feet and 1.3miles away, respectively.

DJI Spark
Image Source: DJI

The DJI Spark is super light as it weighs 300gm only. It has a 12-megapixel camera with a 1/2.3″ sensor, 81.9-degree field of view, and f/2.6 aperture. The camera can shoot up to Full HD videos at 30fps. The camera gimbal uses 2-axis mechanical stabilization.

The drone app for Smartphones will let you choose different intellectual shooting modes like QuickShot, TapFly, Active-track, Dronie, Circle and Helix. Quickshot, for example, will take a minute long footage and then turn it into a 10seconds Highlight video.

Other specs of the DJI Spark are

  • Maximum Speed: 50km/h (*with no wind)
  • Battery Capacity: 1480mAh
  • Maximum Flight Time: 15-16minutes
  • Dimension: 143×143×55 mm
  • Weight: 300gram
  • Obstacle Avoidance using: 3D depth sensing and vision position system
  • GPS GLONASS sensor

Pricing and Availability

DJI has started taking pre-orders of the drone in the US at a strating price of $499. The drone will have its first shipping starting from June 15. The drone is available in four different color options: sky blue, metal green, alpine white and lava red. DJI has introduced a “Fly More” bundle that comes with an additional battery, analog remote controller, extra pair of propellers, propeller guards, charging hub, shoulder bag, and few other cables. To buy this bundle, one needs to pay additional $200.

There hasn’t been a word from DJI distributors in Nepal regarding the availability and pricing of DJI Spark in Nepal. However, it’s likely that this mini-drone from DJI will eventually make to the market of Nepal after few months from international launch.