Esewa gets a new website and an updated app

    esewa upgrade
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    Esewa, the online e-payment gateway that all of you have probably heard of. We can all agree that it wasn’t perfect, even much functional to begin with. But with the new update, Esewa has put in a lot of effort making the new version a lot cleaner and more user-friendly.

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    We all know how cluttered and unmanaged their website was. But no one cared as it was the most used online payment gateway in Nepal among the very few of such kinds. The long hours we spent on queues below the scorching sun was no match for a few online discomforts. The fact is, Esewa is easily one of the best apps for people living in Nepal. And a few imperfection here and there wasn’t going to stop anyone from boycotting it.esewa

    But things have changed, with a new competitor named Khalti. It isn’t as well integrated but it’s still really intuitive, easy and best of all clean. Does anyone actually remember how horrible Esewa’s app was just a few months ago? It was bad, to say the least, you couldn’t even use the internet for the transactions which were a pretty big let down, and the communication with Esewa’s servers through your phone’s text messages was a pain.

    Esewa app’s latest update is a break from its painful UI and removes a lot of restrictions. The app works through the internet which makes the transactions a lot more faster than before. The app is also really a lot cleaner this time with the addition of a lot more features. For offline users, it’s still the basic app with a newer UI, but when you log in to the Esewa app through the internet, a whole new world of features open up. From booking flights to paying your internet bills, you can finally do almost all of the things you could through Esewa’s website portal.

    The bigger change is the website portal revamp. It’s a lot cleaner, intuitive and user-friendly. You will definitely love the newer website compared to the older one, which wasn’t a bad one to start with.

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    It’s great to see organizations like esewa and Khalti taking this market more seriously. And with a few more integration and faster updates, these apps will really make the lives of every Nepalese a lot easier.