Samsung all set to introduce AMD-based GPU on mid-range Exynos 1430 and Exynos 1480 processors

Exynos 1430 & Exynos 1480 chipsets
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While the Galaxy S23 series featured the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC, the handsets in the previous S22 series utilized an Exynos chip co-created by AMD and Samsung. Samsung’s partnership with AMD, announced two years ago, aims to develop in-house GPUs for Exynos processors. Recent reports indicate that Samsung is planning to introduce AMD GPUs in its mid-range Exynos 1430 and Exynos 1480 processors by 2024.

Exynos 1430 & Exynos 1480 chips Overview: 

According to X’s post from @Tech_Reve, Samsung is planning to integrate AMD mRDNA-based GPUs into upcoming chips. However, reportedly, the performance levels of these chipsets may not entirely meet everyone’s expectations for gaming.


The Exynos 2200 was the first to feature an AMD-based RDNA 2 GPU, generating high expectations. However, the GPU’s real-world performance fell short in most areas, giving features only in ray tracing.

The latest coming (before Exynos 1430 and Exynos 1480 hit the market) Exynos 2400 gives lower single-core CPU performance than the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, with multi-core performance being somewhat similar. Reports also suggest that its GPU performance may not match that of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. The Exynos 2400 could consume slightly more power for similar tasks.

In light of this, it’s likely that the upcoming mid-range Exynos 1430 and Exynos 1480 chips will feature less powerful GPUs compared to the Exynos 2200 or the forthcoming Exynos 2400. It’s also possible that features like ray tracing may be disabled in these moderate GPUs.

What to expect?

It’s been reported that the primary emphasis for these processors, the Exynos 1430 and Exynos 1480, will be on enhancing image capture capabilities and machine learning rather than gaming performance. As a result, it’s expected that these chips may not meet the expectations of gamers.

Historically, Samsung’s mid-tier Exynos chips have utilized Arm’s Mali GPUs, giving a decent performance. However, the shift to AMD GPUs could potentially bring alterations in performance, driver support, and other features. It’s a matter of waiting and observing what these new chipsets with AMD-based GPUs will bring to the table.

Market Availability of Exynos 1430 and Exynos 1480 chipsets

Samsung plans to officially announce the Exynos 1430 and Exynos 1480 chipsets in early 2024, and these chips may come in the Galaxy A15 and Galaxy A55 smartphones, respectively.