MediaTek Helio P90 Tested – Pretty close!

mediatek helio p90 chipset
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When MediaTek announced the Helio P90 some two weeks ago, it looked like it could be the most powerful mid-range smartphone chipset yet. And we might probably see it in phones in the first quarter of 2019, inside the likes of OPPO R19! While that is still in rumor phases, the Helio P90 was tested, and results are out.

It appears the Helio P90 might be able to go head to head with the Snapdragon 710. The AnTuTu score of the P90 is out, and it scored 162861, which falls short of the Snapdragon 710. The Snapdragon 710 scored a 167058 on AnTuTu, when tested on the Meizu 16X. However, the P90 is not on any commercial phone yet, and so, it was done on a test unit.

So, it might be a little short now, but when it debuts on a real smartphone, we expect it to at least go head to head with the SD 710, if not beat it. The Helio P90 has already launched in China, and it claims to have serious AI capabilities found in the likes of Snapdragon 845 and Kirin 980.

The MediaTek Helio P90 is a mid-range chipset based on a 12nm architecture. It has eight cores, consisting of two 2.2 GHz Cortex A75s and six 2.0 GHz A55 cores. 

To know all about the Helio P90, you can click here. With the likes of Helio P90 coming, out, it looks like chip manufacturers, too, will try to better one after another. And that’s good for us, consumers in the end. We might be able to see better smartphones in the future.